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How To Get a Print Php


In order to get print PHP it is important and helpful for the individual to understand the procedure necessary to make this happen. Following the key steps will ensure that the correct result is arrived at, at the end of the whole process. First of all it is important to understand that the PHP language has the great capability of boosting the interactivity of any website that makes use of it.

Step 1

The procedure of getting print PHP is meant for the person who has a good and comprehensive knowledge of the print PHP language. For novice users the process could also help in understanding the language further. Following the steps accordingly will lead the programmer to the desired final result.

Step 2

As most coders in this language understand; the first thing that needs to be done when coding in PHP is to create a script for PHP. It is therefore obvious that the same needs to be done in order to achieve the print PHP function that may be desired. Creating the script involves the coder opening any text editor that might be available to them. One should then proceed to enter the usual html opening tags at the beginning, followed by the head tag and then the body tag. The coder should then proceed to open PHP coding using the usual tag.

Step 3

After opening the PHP tags; the programmer should then go ahead and enter the PHP code. When done with this; the usual PHP and HTML closing tags should follow. That will be the first step towards achieving the goal of getting print PHP. The next step involves the input of a variable. This variable will be used by the web browser available to the individual as a referral point before the necessary execution. The variable is only a reference point and as such will not be printed to the browser on execution.

Step 4

The next step involved in obtaining print PHP has to do with isolating the line to be printed. The programmer in this step has to point out the portion that will be shown or printed on the browser. The choice of the portion to be printed lies squarely on the coder but certain guidelines can be used to inform this decision. An example could be the position in which the portion in question lies.

Step 5

The next step in the process of getting print PHP involves actually printing out the portion that has been pointed out. The necessary code to achieve this should then be input at just the correct position so as to be effective. The code used for print PHP will obviously have tags that enclose phrases used; these tags will be invisible on the browser.


The final step involved in getting print PHP has to do with saving the created file with the usual dot PHP extension. One can then proceed to see if it works on the browser. This is done by finding where it is located on the browser. The portion that was specified to be printed in the code will be seen.

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