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Offices all over the world are nothing without the machines which are used day to day to make sure the better running of the business. Without these machines the fluent running of the business becomes impaired. With the day to day growth of the technology, the importance for the use of these equipments is increasing. A printer used to print out the documents of the whole office, a scanner used to scan the documents, a copier to make the copies of the important papers and a fax machine to transfer them. All of these equipments are the backbone of the running of a business.

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The machines should be excellent in many fields before proving themselves for a hectic office routine. A printer scanner copier fax should be efficient in electricity consumption, fire hazard proof, user friendly and shouldn’t have dangerous working parts which can hurt the user.

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It’s not always assured that an office employee will use the machine. Sometimes other than an employee someone can use the machine. So it should be labeled with the proper instructions of the usage and should be properly tagged about which button does what. A printer should be labeled as where to start the printing copier printer scanner and fax should be labeled as where to start the scanning, and copier should be labeled as where to start the copying, fax machine should be properly labeled with all the different buttons it has on it and what are there functions.

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The history of printer dates back to 1953 when the first high speed printer was developed for use on the very forefather of the computer, the Univac computer. The first advancement in the machine was the dot matrix printer, which was marketed by IBM in 1957, the same year the dye- sublimation printer was introduced in the market. The first widely used copy machine for offices was introduced in 1779. Although in its beginning stages where it mainly relied on physically transferring some of the ink from an original letter to a moistened thin un sized sheet of paper by means of a press which could be then read from the observe side, the copier machine was such a hit that this procedure was in use for over a century. The first advancements in the copier machine were not later till 1937. Even though scanners don’t have a long history compared to other gadgets available in market, the most common examples that are found in offices are variations of the flatbed or commonly known as the desktop scanner. They are considered to have evolved from the early telephotography input devices which consisted of a rotating drum with a single photo detector.

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To get the best work out of these machines, they have to be heavy duty and well maintained. Running 8 hours a day or even more is no joke. To get the best deals for a printer copier scanner and a fax machine, one should do some market research on the different varieties of machines available out there. Quality, the price variation between different companies, the age of the machine through which it will be helpful to its users, electricity efficient, these are all of the factors that one should consider before buying a printer, copier, scanner, fax machine. 

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The top notch companies to produce these machines are Hewlett-Packard, Xerox who is predominant in the market or digital copy writing. The rest who are working on small scale are not producing on mass scale but are more of on a service providing side. Hp are the most renowned to produce really good quality office equipments, and are often long life. More often the person buying the equipment should be thoroughly informed about the model and the specifications of the model so that the nature of the job could be carried out perfectly. It is a fact that without a printer copier scanner fax machine, offices would be shut down in a havoc of paper work.


Mostly it is suggested that buying a well reputed companies product often fruits the best result. In this case buying a printer copier scanner fax machine gives the best work if they are solid and firm on long runs. Market research had shown that the products of Hewlett-Packard also commonly known as HP. They have a large variety of office products and according to the word of mouth they are the best in the market of a printer, scanner, copier and fax machines.

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