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How To Create a Dress Print With Your Computer


There are many occasions for which you want a new outfit, an outfit that none of your friends has ever seen. You need a good print for your dress and sometimes you can go with plain clothes. If you go to a shop and buy a dress that is printed then you might see that the print that you have purchased is being worn by everyone you see. You hate it when the dress print is just too common that everyone is wearing it. You need a dress print that is not common and is unique for you. You can design dresses of your own choice using a computer now.

Step 1

To design your very own dress print the first thing that you need is a computer printer. So you must purchase a computer printer first. You must keep in mind that the computer that you have purchase is different it is not the one that you use to print papers instead it is the one that prints fabric. It is especially designed to print fabric.

Step 2

Now that you have purchased a computer printer the very next step is to decide which fabric to use. Always try printing fabric that you know would not tear apart, and that includes the fabric which is made of a little hard material, like cotton for instance. Cotton is neither too hard nor too fragile so it will not tear it will just get printed in the right way. it is the best material for the dress print to be printed on.

Step 3

Now that you have done all the shopping. You need to decide the designs that you think will look good on a fabric. You can go with the urban designs. The sophisticated and the more decent designs and you can also go with the funky designs which are so much in style these days. The dress prints which are funkier and more colorful are used as dress prints.

Step 4

When you are designing a dress, you must always keep in mind the color of the fabric. You must always know that there are a few colors on which particular prints look good. You must know what color combination you must use. You must keep in mind the different types of colors to use and always not try to mix all the colors, you can mix them but do it in a way that your print looks defined and attractive. Also, also you must keep in mind that the bigger prints are a big fashion no no. You must never make big prints. always try using shorter dress prints.

Step 5

Once you have done making the design of the print and you are done with the color choice and the choice of fabric, it is now time to finally print the fabric. You can print the design that you have using the flash 3D designer and have your dress printed. This is the way you can make dress prints.

Tips and Comments

Making dress prints is very easy and less time consuming. You can have a dress printed in even less than an hour and the design that you make for your dress will also not that common. So this way you can look unique and stylish.


By Amara, published at 04/04/2012
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