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How To Get a Black And White Ink Printer To Print Color


Having a printer at home can prove to be very useful. It offers the convenience of printing documents and photos right at the comfort and warmth of one’s house. There are many printers out there that are used for different purposes. Most home printers are quite simple and serve the purpose of printing out simple documents and images. Some people still have a black printer at their homes. These printers might have the capability of printing out documents in color.

Step 1

If a person only has a black printer at the home and a color printer is not in the budget in the near future; it is still possible for the person print in color. The first thing that the user needs to determine is whether that particular printer supports color printing in the first place. There are still some extremely old printers that do not have the ability to print in color at all. This is because during the time of their design the whole idea of color printing was not as common as it is now. This is therefore the first step.

Step 2

After the user has confirmed the abilities of the black printer then they can proceed to open up the printer’s cover at the front. The user should then confirm whether the internal structure of the printer allows for the insertion of an extra ink cartridge. Such a printer would usually have a cartridge for the black ink.

Step 3

If the black printer supports the insertion of another cartridge then the user can go ahead and purchase a color cartridge which is quite affordable at the various computer accessories shops. The user can then proceed to insert the color ink cartridge in the extra slot provided in the printer. One could also try and eject the black ink cartridge from its slot and place the color ink cartridge in that position instead. This will however prevent printing anything in black.

Step 4

After inserting the color ink cartridge into the provided slot within the black printer the individual can then proceed to make sure that the printer heads are not in any way obstructed. The printer can now be closed up and be readied for testing. Before closing up the printer it is important to ensure that nothing has been accidentally moved from its place since could lead to other problems.

Step 5

The individual can then proceed to power up the black printer and connecting it to the desktop or laptop. It is obvious that a test needs to be performed to determine whether or not success was achieved. Some few papers should be placed in the printer’s tray in readiness for printing.


Once everything is in order; one should choose the item that will be used in the test. With the document opened on the screen, a user can proceed to the print properties and confirm that the color setting has been selected. The other settings can then be set as preferred and then the actual printing can now commence that is; printing color from the black printer.

By Elly Andy, published at 04/04/2012
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How To Get a Black And White Ink Printer To Print Color. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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