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Nowadays we all need a desktop printer that not only prints our letters and documents, but also prints our various pictures. You shall surely need assistance in where to find the best desktop printers. Also you need to keep in mind the certain essential points that you would require while choosing amongst various brands of printers, while buying a desktop printer that fits your needs.


You would definitely require a printer which is better than the previous one, and that fits all your needs. With the fast moving technological times, our technological needs change accordingly. Thus a person having several laptops or PC’s, would require a desktop printer that could be usable on all of them.


Before buying a desktop printer one needs to be absolutely sure of its reliability and user friendliness, its best to see the ratings recommended by different buyers online to get more information on the reliability of a certain brand. Also, the ink supply provided by a certain brand should be sufficient enough so that it may last for a good length of time. For e.g. the versatile, Canon Pixma Printer is based on a unique five color based system, consisting of four inks, dye-based, plus a separate black ink pigment based. In this kind of a desktop printer, the user only needs to replace the color ink tank, of the one that runs out.
Brands like HP, Dell, Epson and Lexmark printers although produce excellent results, but the original brand name replacement cartridges, may be too expensive, thus you could preferably go for factory manufactured cartridges.
The combination of features essential for a good desktop printer all depend on the usage of the printer. There are two kinds of printers namely, inkjet printers and laser printers. Laser printers, unlike inkjet printers, tend to print on only laser papers, whereas inkjet printers offer a wide range of stock options.
Places where space is an issue, inkjet desktop printers, although larger in size, but may be helpful, by serving as an aid to multi tasking, as the printer may include, scanner, a fax machine and of course a printer.
One of the best desktop printers includes the Cannon PIXMA MX870. It has many flattering yet attractive features including, a Hi-Speed printer with an easy plug-in system. It has a built-in wireless and a built-in Ethernet. The Super G3 feature eliminates the need of a separate fax machine. iPhone printing could also be conducted. Moreover it contains a separate slot for memory cards, and USB ports, and comes with an optional Bluetooth. It allows computer-free easy printing with the aid of a 2.5inch LCD screen. Features like auto scan mode and auto photo fix, along with a fully integrated Duplex Auto Document Feeder, makes the new desktop printers a best choice for any kind of user.

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The benefits of desktop printers could be summarized as larger ink cartridges, a larger printing size and archival ink. Though they may be costly, but it is a good investment and the reliability makes the desktop printers a must buy.

By Sidra Rana, published at 04/05/2012
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the Best Desktop Printers. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.