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How To Print Business Flyers


Whenever you are looking for an inexpensive way in which to advertise your business you should consider taking the time to print business flyers. All you need is a basic word processing application. You’ll find that most of them have a diverse range of formatting options for flyers. They can even be personalized with images and text. Then you can print business flyers to drop off in mailboxes, post on lampposts and stick on windshields around town.


Step 1

Decide upon what type of flyers will best suit your needs. A single-sheet flyer is usually more suitable for events and parties. However, if you want to print business flyers for your business or team, you may need to have multiple folds in order to have enough space to present all of the necessary information.


Step 2

Look through your personal collection of images in search of images to use on your flyer. These images should be able to call attention to your flyer. They should also represent the message that’s in your flyer regardless as to whether you’re trying to show off your company or you’re trying to garner attention from the public about a political rally that’s being held in regard to a specific issue. You will want to either upload some pictures from your camera or find where you’ve saved them at on your computer. Once you’ve chosen the pictures to print business flyers you’ll want to also create an interesting capture for it that has to do with the message you’re trying to present. This information should be positive, simple and easy for whoever is reading your message. Now is your opportunity to tell your readers precisely how they can show their interest or support for your product, service or cause.


Step 3

Create the text that you want to have on your flyer. This should be presented in short, simple sentences and paragraphs focusing on using words like “you” and “your.” It should focus on one specific topic. Too much information can be overwhelming if not separated with subheadings. You also want to include your logo, contact information and pricing before you print business flyers.

Step 4

Put together the layout for your flyer. Position your pictures and text in a way that looks good to you. Use Serif font as this will be the easiest for your readers to read. Regardless of what you use, make sure that you only use 2 fonts so that everything will look organized whenever you print business flyers.


Step 5

Make sure to run spell check before you print business flyers. Now print one copy and show it to your friends and coworkers. Ask for their opinions and recommendations before you print business flyers. If you like their suggestions, make the necessary changes then print business flyers in the number that you feel you’ll need.

Tips and Comments

It will take you some time to design a flyer on your computer that you’ll feel happy to utilize. However, in the end it is quite possible to print business flyers from your home office that look as though they’ve been professionally done.

By Brenda Hoffman, published at 04/05/2012
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