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What Do Footprints Say?

Published at 04/04/2012 19:01:28


In the current use of technology, many people will sign up with various electronic accounts there by leaving a lot of information about them. This can be accessed by others there fore leaving a lot of private information being exposed to the world. Leaving the footprints can both work for or against a person.


First the footprints will enable people to get information about you which you could not reveal to them. It is possible to find electronic footprints showing details about an individual to the outside world. Now there are many incidences that make people in the online sites to have access to confidential information which might not be protected.

Secondly when people are filling details on the online forms, at that particular time, they do not think further as they will expose their inner characters in the digital footprints. Now after some time many people will be in position to read you inner character from the details that you will have provided and will judge you from it.

Footprints are an important part of marketing for many business owners. For example, when you own a blogging site and there are online sales going through, whenever a client gets some posts from here they will be tempted to visit your site where there are more concrete information. This means that the people will be able to know what type of services you are offering to the clients, how much you will be charging and your mode of business. When all this information is availed then there will be a lot of traffic in your site hence increased revenue for the business.

The footprints that can be used in communication will be able to make it easier for one to be followed across various social media like twitter and face book. For example when you post a comment on the media about your blog, then that comment might make one to follow in order to make sure that they get all the postings made. This will make it easier for the person to be followed on other sites as well hence giving you an opportunity to be known.

Since footprints do not apply to the electronics only, there are some instances where they will show the existence of something. This is because there are many marks that are left behind signifying that at some point, something passed in that way. When this happens, then it can be tracked and be found.


Now days there are various myths that are in existence about particular topics today. In fact they have become famous and some have lead to the attractions in various parts of the world there by making them famous. Some place has been preserved as historical places because of these footprints.


In crime scenes footprints will be used to identify those who have been involved and were at that time present in that particular place. When this is done scientifically it can say a lot and even be used to act as evidences in some cases.