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How To Change the Ink Cartridge on Printers

Published at 02/16/2012 13:39:59


Changing the ink cartridge on printers is a simple procedure but should be taken with total care. This is because the cartridges are costly in replacing. For that matter, the practice could be challenging if one is not reliant with the steps to follow. Changing the ink cartridge on printers entails some steps to that one should follow. These steps are easy to put into practice and they are as follows.

Step 1

First of all when charging ink printers, one should start by turning on the printer itself using the power button. This makes the cartridges installed in the printer move back and forth for some few minutes. This should be followed by raising the cover up towards ones direction. This is to allow one access the internal components of the ink printers with ease.

Step 2

Removing the installed ink cartridge follows whereby one should lift the cartridge release lever. Care must be taken at this point as ink might leak out. Leaking ink could result to undesired outcome with the printer. To make this process  safer, one should ensure having in hand some paper towel or a disposable bag. The bag or towel is applied when ink printers leakage occurs.

Step 3

When the case for the ink printers are that of a new one, the new ink cartridges come with a plastic cover. This plastic should be removed and opened by carefully cutting them with the help of scissors. The plastic bears some perforated edges whereby one could as well tear along to open the plastic. On removing the plastic, there follows a yellow tag. This tag is usually sited near the ink cartridge’s bottom.

Step 4

The yellow tag should be torn off from the ink cartridge and placed on their respective slots. Tearing them, on the other end, should only be done when one is ready to insert the ink cartridge in their slots. If placed on the wrong slots, the ink printers does not function as desired thus becomes inconvenient at the end. These slots are identified by their distinct colors whereby the release levers bear the same color as the cartridge.

Step 5

The ink cartridges should be pressed into the corresponding slots and this should produce some click sound immediately after inserting them. Placing the ink cartridges on the slots has to be gentle though it requires pressing on the other hand. After this, the ink printers cover should then be closed and time has to be allowed for the printer to recognize the new installed ink cartridges.

Step 6

The time allowed for the ink printers also provides them with a moment of going through some diagnosis. This diagnosis by the printer is aimed at ensuring the cartridges were inserted the right way. The finalizing step involves printing some page for test purposes. The test page is the one that shows whether the printer is functioning as desired.


With these steps, the overall process on how to change an ink cartridge for printers becomes a cheap and affordable task. Therefore, the procedure should no longer bother someone in changing their ink printer’s cartridge. The used and ink cartridges should be well disposed or sent to stores that make use of empty ink cartridges.