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How To Choose An All in One Printer


When choosing an all in one printer, you need to establish what you require most out of it. They are available in different brands and styles. So whether you need it for your home office or business, an all in one printer is something you ought to consider carefully before purchase. They are readily available and they do not cost too much. An all in one printer will afford you a number of benefits.

Step 1

  • It comes with a copier, which means you can make copies of what you need easily.
  • An all in one printer has a scanner. You can scan documents or pictures and easily upload them to your computer. This makes transfer of documents via the Internet fast and convenient.
  • It has a printer which will enable you to print important documents, images, checks, etc. You can get an all in one printer that prints in color and this will give you variety in terms of your print jobs.
  • It comes with a fax as well. You can send and receive documents within no time.

Step 2

When selecting an all in one printer, this is how you should go about it.

Determine the kind of printer you want first. You have a choice between laser and ink jet printers. A laser printer is good for quick print outs, will give you quality text regardless of size and will print out more copies too. An ink jet all in one printer is cheaper than a laser printer, it is much smaller in size and it prints high quality images. Once you know what you need the all in one printer for, it will be easier to determine which one to buy.

Step 3

Go through the different brands of printers available. One sure way to establish the best is to research and compare between them. Some of the top brands are Epson, Canon, HP and Xerox, among others. The Internet is the best source of information for the all in one printer you might be interested in purchasing. If you can visit a printer store however, that would also be helpful. A lot of printers now have evolved technologically therefore there is a lot to them. A store visit can give you a better idea of what your all in one printer is capable of doing.

Step 4

Once you find an all in one printer you like, purchase it. Set it up somewhere appropriate and with ample space. It should be readily accessible and not too far from your computer.

Step 5

You can now find an all in one printer with different capabilities that will make your home or business operations simple to carry out. You can even set up a network through your printer which would simplify document handling and sharing. Even though they are not that costly, be sure to get something that is worth what you pay for. An all in one printer can last you a number of good productive years. However, you have to make sure you maintain it by keeping the cartridges clean and changed when necessary.

By Raphael Raphael, published at 02/10/2012
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