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All About the Best Color Printers


Color printers are considered as a vital appliance in this era of science and technology. Nowadays, color printers are preferred over the black and white ones. The printers color are more affordable and available in a greater variety then they used to be in the past.


The color printers gained popularity in the later half of the 90s. The main difference between these printers and black and white ones is that the former uses four toners while the latter only uses one toner. This principle is implied in the laser color printers. The ink jet printers, on the other hand, consist of four nozzles and each of them ejects an ink of different color.


Every electronics-based company has launched printers color but some of them have surpassed the others in terms of quality and efficiency. Few of the widely used color printers are Dell 5130 cdn, Brother HL 4570, Lexmark C 792 de, Xerox Phaser 7500, Samsung CLP 670 and OKI C 330 Dn. Dell 5130 cd color printer is the best option for busy and messy offices. It can print about twenty five pages in two minutes. This black and sleek printer looks good and also does not require much room. But if you are thinking of getting this printer for your home, then you need to think again because it might be a very expensive endeavor for the home. Brother HL 4570 CDW is also becoming a favorite of the people. The laser of this printer is of superb quality and can print about seventeen pages in a minute. The most attractive feature of this printer is that the cartridges are quite cheaper. A wireless version of this printer is also available. Lexmark C 792 de is next on the list. This printer weighs a hundred and ten pounds and consists of a 4.3 inches touch screen. The front panel also comprises of a USB insert port. Per minute it can print about twenty three pages. The only disadvantage of this printer is that the cartridges are very expensive. On the other hand, the cartridges of Xerox Phaser 7500 DN are economical. The speed of this printer is surprisingly good as it can print about twenty eight pages in a minute. The front panel is simply built unlike the panels of other computers. Samsung CLP 670 is a compact printer and does not require much space like Dell 5130 cd color printer. It can print about fourteen or fifteen pages in a minute and the quality of the print outs is satisfactory. OKI C 330 color printer can print up to fifteen pages in a minute. But the toners of these printers are a tad too expensive but still are found in many offices.

Tips and comments

Therefore, whenever you decide to get printers colo, do a little homework. Do not just go to the market and buy one. You can also buy them online. The advantage of this is that sometimes you get amazing discount deals and you can save a lot of money as well. Printers are an important device and they should be bought after thorough research and a lot of planning.

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