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All About the One Inkjet Printer

Published at 02/16/2012 02:04:23


Inkjet printers have become fundamental for many computer users. It might seem like the laser printers are more popular than the inkjet printers but in reality that is not the case. Inkjet printers are cheaper and have improved greatly in terms of quality especially when it comes to the printing of photos. The most widely purchased inkjet printer is the one inkjet printer. This printer can make a user’s life hassle-free. It greatly reduces the ordeal experienced in running a business and has become almost a dire need for offices. The one inkjet printer can perform many tasks since it includes a scanner, copier, fax machine and printer. Four major companies are in the forefront when it comes to the sale of the one inkjet printers. These include the following companies: Canon, HP, Epson and Lexmark.


The inkjet printers became available to consumers in the 1980s. These replaced the dot matrix printers. However, there were numerous challenges that had to be overcome before these could be introduced. The most significant challenge was to prevent the ink from clogging. Canon and Hewlett Packard were able to circumvent this problem and come up with the liquid inkjet printer.


The one inkjet printers have a number of salient features. When it comes to printing they produce great results. Aside from documents the one inkjet printer can print lab quality photos. These photos print in less than a minute and so printing is speedy and efficient. The one inkjet printer can produce black and white as well as colored copies. The resolution varies for colored and black ink. The one inkjet printer is capable of printing photos straight from a USB or a digital camera. It can also perform some excellent functions when it comes to copying. It can copy in both black/white and colored ink and you can send in a demand for up to 99 copies at once. The one inkjet copier can be used to reduce or enlarge documents/photos. Scanning is made easy by a flatbed scanner and the scanned material as close to the original copy as possible. The one inkjet printer speed for fax is 3 seconds per page and thus it’s guaranteed to save your time. These are only a few of its many functions and features.

Tips and Comments

When selecting your one inkjet printer you should consider the Canon Pixma MP830 Office All-In-One Inkjet Printer. It can perform all its functions smoothly. A unique aspect of this one inkjet printer is that it is a member of the Generation Green campaign of Canon. This is a campaign targeted towards producing energy-saving electronics and therefore the Canon Pixma MP830 Office All-In-One Inkjet Printer proves to be very economical. Changing cartridges proves to be costly. One inkjet printers either use two cartridges or four cartridges. The one inkjet printers by Kodak are renowned for having the least costly cartridges. When buying a one inkjet printer you must all take into consideration any compatibility issues since most do not work with older versions of Windows.