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Great Advice For Footprint Carbon


Over the past few years the concept of footprint carbon has really increased and debates all over the world are taking place between the heads of states to come up with solutions and ideas to control this ever increasing problem. In its simplest definition footprint carbon refers to the measure of carbon monoxide emission resulting from usage of fossil fuels. Every fossil fuel when burnt gives carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide as a residue. To be more precise footprint carbon is a measure of carbon dioxide and methane which is produced by population, activity or system. It is calculated with the help of 100-year global warming potential. Global warming potential refers to the measure of the amount of greenhouse gas that is trapped in the atmosphere.


There are many ways in which greenhouse gas is emitted into our atmosphere. This is through production and consumption of food, burning of fuel and transportation. For simplicity these gases are referred to as carbon dioxide. The biggest sources of footprint carbon are however heating of homes, transportation choice and the intake of the food type.


Every individual, organization and society has the responsibility to keep a check on the level of footprint carbon and to make sure that this does not harm the world as a whole. For individual some of the very simple steps can reduce the level and impact of greenhouse gases. This includes turning off all unnecessary switches and also avoid turning on the lights during daylight. Turn down the central heating system a bit and keep the temperature to such a point at which you are comfortable enough. Besides this you can also keep a check on your water heating system and keep its temperature to such a point at which you do not have to mix a lot of cold water. This will save water and also energy. Apart from this, you can also fill the dish washer and washing machine to its full instead of taking rounds and filling it half way. This will not only save water, but also electricity and time. Avoid taking too many trips to the shopping mall and do your weekly shopping in a single trip. Use energy savers in your homes, this will not only cut down your electricity bill but they also last longer. Use all the possible measures which keep your home warmer/cooler for a longer period of time, for example insulating your walls and using double glassed window. Travel as less as possible by car/public transport and for short journeys either walk or cycle to your destination. Buy environmental friendly cars and if those are not in your budget then go for those cars which emit lesser carbon dioxide.

Tips and comments

Government and business organizations can also take part in reducing footprint carbon. First of all, governments should start programs in which students and workers are educated regarding the harmful effect of these greenhouse gases. Next the organizations themselves should keep an eye on their employees and keep a check on them. If the head of states and organization bosses are following steps which can keep a lid on the level of footprint carbon then they become a role model for other people and in this way they can promote a healthy environment.

By Sidra Rana, published at 02/26/2012
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Great Advice For Footprint Carbon. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.