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Are All in One Printers Worth Buying?


There are different types of printers available depending on the budget and goals of the user. Some people are very particular with detail and frequently print out photos and high quality images which is why they need excellent printers that are offered by some of the biggest names in the industry. Printers all in one are good options for home use because these are cost-effective, efficient and easy to maintain. Here are some more tips.


People should also check the printer all in one depending on the specific use. All in one printers are very ideal for home use, particularly people who only need to print out documents and occasional images. There are a number of popular brands and models that are known to print out very decent or excellent looking images even with an all in one printer. Students and office workers will do best with this type of printer because projects and tasks can vary. The work-specific printers have to be prepared according to the type of job. Text printers will print out very clear and readable text and documents within the shortest time possible. Image or photo printers will print out very clear and vivid pictures with rich colors and tones in the fastest time. However, one type cannot be as effective when doing the other's project type and vice versa. Printer all in one will get the work done faster and at a much lower cost by being able to print both images and text clearly and within a very reasonable time frame.

Tips and comments

Deciding the Type

There are two main types of printer all in one - inkjet and laser. Inkjet printers generally function by printing on paper, photo paper or other types of printing material using ink. This is the cheaper version and is generally easier to maintain. People only have to replace or refill the ink once it gets consumed up to 80% or 90%. People have to constantly monitor the levels of ink. The drawback is that these can blot or stain paper if printing does not go as planned. The second type is the laser which works with the use of laser. Printing is generally faster and of better quality, plus people don't have to worry about blots and stains. A number of problems can still result based on the settings such as overlapping of colors. The cost and maintenance of laser printer all in one are probably the biggest drawbacks.

Other Advantages

Printers all in one are generally inexpensive. People will find models costing only about $60 to $100. They can also set up the equipment on their own in less than 30 minutes. Most models are plug-and-play and will automatically be detected by the computer. They only have to finalize the settings and try printing a test page to begin. Other features and extras might also be included such as wireless or pre-installed DVD/CD printers, touchscreen controls and speed printing options. Compare some of the well-known names and brands that offer all in one versions at the best prices.

By Seth Evan, published at 02/13/2012
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Are All in One Printers Worth Buying?. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.