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How To Open a Printing Business

Published at 02/14/2012 10:34:01


Have you ever thought about opening your own printing business? This type of business it’s easy and it doesn’t require a whole lot of money to start with. You can set up your own printing business in your basement; garage or you can rent a good location to get you started. People will always have the need for documents, and they will always look for a good place to print them. Having a small printing business will bring you an advantage in front of the big printing companies like newspapers, which have problems with small orders. Big companies like newspapers have problems with small orders because they have big and high technology equipment that takes a long time to set up and this is not really cost efficient.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do when building a small printing business is the location. A good place to put your printing business is near a campus or an industrial park. You need to know and establish a good customer base. Knowing your potential customers gives you an advantage, because you can set up your prices based on your customers. When choosing a good place for your business take in consideration that the space is large enough to fit the printing equipment and still have room for a customer service zone. Also keep in mind that you need a good storage room. This storage room must be moisture free. You don’t want your cartridges to go bad.

Step 2

After finding the best location for your printing business you can buy the equipment required for your shop. Having the best equipment is crucial in this business. You must purchase an offset printer a good copy machine and a duplex printer. You need all this equipment because you want to process any type of order big or small. If you can handle any kind of order your customers will recommend your printing business to their friends and so more customers for you. Try to make maintenance contracts for your equipment. There are companies that will maintain your printers for relative small contracts. You should also buy a fax machine and a laminating machine just to expand your services.

Step 3

You need to have a good supply vendor, make sure you select the right vendor for you. You will probably need white and colored paper, business cards and envelopes. It is a good thing to have your vendor deliver supplies on a schedule so you will never be out of cartridges, paper or other supplies.

Step 4

To ensure your printing business success you should probably have price packages. It is a good thing to give discounts for large orders. This will bring you a steady and strong customer base.

Step 5

The staff is also important in your printing business try to select the best people for every position. A graphic artist will make your business more attractive to high demanding customers. A graphic artist can create logos, business cards or other things your customers might require. Now all you need to do is set up the working hours of your printing business and you are good to go.