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How To Set Up a Wireless Printer


Printer wireless is now available in different types, forms and brands. These are highly convenient for people on the go and will work well with a laptop. There are lightweight forms that are easy to carry and also fit into bags conveniently. The type of wireless printer that people should get must compliment their specific purpose and activities. There are different units available on the internet and from retail stores. Printer wireless generally work just the same way as regular printers but have to be installed and set up properly.

Step 1

Prepare the connection. Printer wireless will work provided that the computer or laptop and the printer are operating on the same network. The user only has to position the printer close to the computer and then wait for the network to create a connection to begin the process and installation. Even though these printers work through remote methods, a cable or wire will still be provided in many packages. The person can remotely check the network or connect the cable and allow the computer to detect the hardware automatically.

Step 2

Choose the type of installation. Once the computer detects the printer wireless through the network, a window will appear to begin the setup process. The user will be asked if he wishes to install the device automatically or through manual methods. The person can also use a web browser to make the necessary adjustments and choose the type of installation.

Step 3

Install the printer wireless automatically. The window will initially recommend the user to select the automatic installation. The person only needs to click on the provided options then move on to the next step. The user should choose the standard or recommended settings especially if he is new to the entire process. Advanced users can customize the details or choose to install the hardware manually.

Step 4

Install the printer wireless manually. The user will have to identify and set up the IP address, firewall settings, security code and password. The user also has to manually select the particular model and brand of the printer. This is especially useful if the printer does not have an installer CD or DVD. The settings have to be customized. Users can also download an installer online or request a password if they lost their CD or DVD. The user should also select which type of wireless connection he prefers to work with every time he uses the printer. Manual installation is recommended for printers that are set up among different computers in different locations.

Step 5

Make the final checks and tests. The printer wireless will confirm with the user once it finishes the installation. Setting up everything will take about 15 to 20 minutes only. The user has to make sure that the printer has enough ink and that the hardware is turned on, complete with paper to print on. Upon completing the process, print a test page. This is usually recommended automatically by the system. If there are any errors in printing, read the requirements carefully then make the necessary adjustments.

By Seth Evan, published at 02/17/2012
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