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Problems With Old Printers And a New Printer


Most people operating computers have printers incorporated to enhance hard copy production. These printers, both old and new have their related problems. The various models of printers have their problems with distinct setting modes and operation.

The problems

A very common problem with old printers is that of printing very slow. The problem here lies on their performance and that is what needs to be checked on. For a new printer, it is much faster since the speed at which the printers produce documents is enhanced with technological advances. The other reason for the printer being too slow is printing very detailed prints. Such prints usually take a longer period compared to those with little details. Low performance also leads to increased ink usage.


The other problem with old printers is that of increased ink and toner costs. This is brought about when refilling the cartridges. The same depends on how a person approaches their cartridge refilling method. Going for third party vendors in ink cartridges or the already refilled ink cartridges can be cheap at the beginning but in the end, the ink becomes very expensive as they are mostly not quality ones. Low capacity cartridges also lead one to the same problem. Old printers also suffer from producing light, spotty and prints with horizontal lines. This is brought about by clogged print heads or ink nozzles which are formed by dried ink. This problem arises from infrequent use of the printer. This is solved by using the printer’s utility program. Old printers have a habit of reporting the cartridge being empty while actually it’s not. The out-of-ink printer messages should not be relied upon all the time. The ink cartridge controls are the one to be addressed at this point. This could be through trying various hacks to get around the cartridge controls. Printers in both categories of old and new, experience a common problem with their paper trays being flimsy. This is as a result of some vendors incorporating low quality trays in these printers. These trays are very cheap in order for vendors to save on manufacture costs but ruin everything as the trays become unreliable with time. Printer error messages are experienced with old printers. This is sometimes the case with new printers. For this, the printer sits idle displaying an error message on its screen. The message is accompanied by a blinking orange light. With a new printer, it has the ability to elaborate further on the error through displaying a question mark sign.

Tips and comments

Printer problems extend to the papers loaded that are not recognized at times. This is by the printer displaying a message asking one to load papers and the message persists even after loading. This problem is based on the control panel thus should be the one addressed. The printer might also complain about paper jam. This is a problem with printer papers and is simply addressed by removing the jammed paper carefully. These are some of problems associated with old printers and new ones as well.

By Charles Githinji, published at 02/19/2012
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