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How To Set Up Multiple Printers To Several Computers

Importance of sharing printers with multiple computers

Sharing of printers computers is a common practice today especially in offices and businesses using both printers and computers in their daily operations. Actually, it makes no sense for a company or any other form of business to buy a printer for each and every computer in the office. 

Step 1

Companies use printers for customer invoices , sales receipts and other information requiring actual documentation. Other companies prefer to store data in the form of software in their computer system. Makings printers computers sharing is essential in ensuring the company saves on the cost of its machines and equipment. Printers computers sharing also reduce idle machines in the office and reduces crowding.

Step 2

Printers connected to computers/servers

Connecting printers to computer servers is basically the most common way of printers computers sharing. A small organization may have a single printer connected to one computer, and everyone prints his work from that computer. Larger organizations opting for printers computers sharing may have several computers connected to a number of printers and each connection point becomes a printing option in the office. 

Step 3

Sharing printers computers in this way is preferred by many as its rather easy to connect on top of the much money saved. The major setback that this type of connection poses is that the computers connected to the printer must be on every time one wishes to print his document. Although connecting printers to computers servers is actually not the best, its major benefits lies in the fact that it’s cheapest with fewer complications. However, there should be a set up LAN for it to work.

Step 4

Use of dedicated print server


Although the above highlighted option of printers computers sharing offers more benefits than other options. This option is not favorable for every business. Some businesses do not like the idea of leaving the connected computers running.

Step 5

This makes getting a print server a better option for sharing printers computers. With a print server, it makes it possible to print appliances on a small local network. You can then connect several printers to serve the various computers in the given network.

Having a Network printer

When using high end printers in a network, printers computers connection becomes rather simple. These printers are manufactured such that they can connect directly in a given home network. In case the high end printers are not capable of connecting or cannot detect the home network by themselves, you can have  hardware installed in them and printers computers connection in the network becomes rather easy with this connection.

However, its use is mostly by large organizations that are capital intensive. If the organizations printers have this option or the organization is willing to have the hardware installed in the printers, it becomes rather simple to have the computers detect the printer. Printers computers connection using a network connection will require certain information  entered into the network to make it work.

By Nikky Prasad, published at 02/20/2012
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