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Reviews on All in One Printers

Published at 02/22/2012 15:10:21


When looking for a great opportunity to save time, money and even the space in one office machine, then you will need to own any of the all in one printers. These printers are available and come in handy for office and home use. In just one machine they are capable of printing, copying and scanning. They are even used conveniently for faxing jobs. The many that are in the market leave may people wondering whether they are effective or not. The truth is that most of them are effective but it would be a great idea to know what exactly they are and how they work. Below is a comprehensive cover that you ought to know about all in one printers.

Important Facts About All In One Printers

The first and most important factor that needs to be looked at is the print resolution of the all in one printers. This is the feature that determines the quality of the print. It is actually measured in dot per inch metric commonly known as DPI metric. There are professional printers that can be used on a home setting for every day document printing and scanning. Good all in one printers are those that can be able to print quality color prints of 600 x 600 drop per inch resolution translating to a higher quality of print.


There are different print technologies that come with the all in one printers. There are two common technologies used namely the inkjet and the laser jet printers. The inkjet printer produces a digital representation by thrusting drops of ink on a material like a piece of paper. The laser jet on the other hands uses electro magnetic laser marks to create a digital reflection. In the earlier days, laser jet printers were in use for large volumes of printings. This is because the print per paper cost was lower compared to inkjet that used cartridges. However newer versions of inkjet all in one printers also reduce the cost per print and even offer better quality than laser jet printers. Most of the all in one printers are small allowing easier portability. Most of them even have an additional battery and backup to enable them to be used even in the most extreme places without electricity. They have a cable that is connected directly to a battery that comes with it and printing or document scanning can be done anywhere. They are also built to work on the common windows platforms allowing easy connection to a laptop or work computer.

Tips and comments

The price of the all in one printers should not be left to chance either. Some of them are quite expensive, even with the existence of discounts from the dealers. Depending on the quality of work that they do, it is not easy to say whether they are overpriced or not. Cheaper printers will never print the same quality of printing as that one that is expensive. This means that all in one printer will vary in price according to the features and benefits that come with them. That said and done, it is then becomes very easy to say that the price has a greater value and relation to the all in one printers.