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How To Use the Inkjet All in One Printer

Published at 02/22/2012 16:44:51


Every where computers go, the most gadget to follow is always the printer. Many organizations have loads of work to be done using a printer. Such tasks can be printing magazines, payrolls, and not also to forget the other daily documents. Without a printer, it would be very hard for companies especially those dealing with paperwork to survive in the business. Productions have been made for the inkjet all in one printer to ease the work load of the companies. This printer comes with a wide range of capabilities like, photo printing, document printing, faxing, photocopy and even document scanning. The work that would have been done by different machines has all been incorporated into one very efficient inkjet all in one printer.

Step 1

Using the inkjet all in one printer is quite a task for a first timer or someone who have used the machines independently. The first step is always to connect it into your computer using the provided cable. Inkjet all in one printer comes with an installation compact disk that auto runs when inserted to the compact disk Rom. Install the printer software and drivers and start with a journey to success and cost savings for your company or home.

Step 2

For document printing, it works as an ordinary printer. What you, therefore, have to do is open a document or a spread sheet, select the printer and press print. One great advantage of the Inkjet all in one printer is that it comes with two cartridges, one for color and the other one for black ink. This allows you to print both black and white documents any time. Also, it allows you to change even one cartridge at a time in case the ink is over. When connected to a computer system, printing with Inkjet all in one printer is the same as any other printer. It allows larger papers to be inserted too, which makes it an ideal one for a company.

Step 3

Inkjet all in one printer comes very much in handy for photo copying and duplicating of documents. Many companies have daily photo copying of paper. There are costs that are incurred when you have to leave your office to go to a bureau to do the same. Some companies even lease a service from bureaus to do their photocopying tasks. Inkjet all in one printer is very efficient, and all you need is to place the paper or document on the glass surface, cover the lid and press the amount of copies you want, then press copy. Make sure to have the necessary photocopying papers in the printer.

Step 4

Inkjet all in one printer comes with an inbuilt scanner, too, that you will need to know how to use. Open the scanner software that you previously installed on your computer, then select the scan option .You can also select the scan option that is on the Inkjet all in one printer. To achieve greater result, guarantee that the back side of the lid of the printer is clean and that the glass surface is clean too. You can then place your document for scanning.

Step 5

Most Inkjet all in one printer allows you to send fax directly from your computer to a fax machine. Faxing is a little complicated as it requires the internet to be joined to an online faxing company. Convert the document you want to fax in to a format accepted by the Inkjet all in one printer, then send the fax from your email address or upload it into a website and send it to the address instructed by the program.


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