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From time to time we wish to make some modifications to our house. Before we can begin work we must have at first a blueprint. Before you can make a blueprint you must have some basic construction knowledge. If you want the constructor to understand your ideas the simplest way to do this is by making your own blueprint. There are plenty of programs that will ease your work. The most common software used for blueprints if CAD or Computer-Automated Drafting. This software doesn’t require a lot of construction knowledge most of the things required for a good blueprint are built in the software.


Before you start making your own blueprint you must first study some basic construction elements. You always have to be aware and know about wall thickness, plumbing and electrical components.
You can use other programs that are similar with CAD like Easy blueprint. This software is specialized in making blueprints and is not very difficult to use but again you must master the basics.
The easiest way for you to learn about all the construction and design basics is to do this the old fashioned way with large sheets of paper and a drawing board. After you know the basics you can start drawing in AutoCAD or other user friendly design software.
There are specialized drawing software that have templates, you can easily start from a template and modify it accordingly to your needs. Another good program that has plenty of blueprint templates is SmartDraw this is a very easy to use piece of software. With SmartDraw you can align and arrange all your plans perfectly. This software will allow you to create furniture on your blueprint, and also can generate a 3D version of your blueprint. This is a good program that is specialized for small homes. It has a good database of template blueprints and you can always find a blueprint that is similar to your home. This is a very fun and easy to use application that will allow you to do a lot of interior and exterior design.


There are other applications that require a lot more knowledge about constructions then SmartDraw. If you want to make advanced blueprints you can take in consideration using AutoCAD. AutoCAD is an application that can be used not only for making a house blueprint. You can design anything in AutoCAD from car parts to bridges. This is definitely the most complex software you can use when you want to create a blueprint.
If you just want to redecorate your home or make small modification you need a software that is more user-friendly then AutoCAD. If you want to make a blueprint of your dream home and start from scratch you must use more advanced applications that will allow you to create all the plans. A good house project must include a blueprint of every floor. A good project will have a foundation plan, floor plan, elevations, details, sections and interior elevations.
Redecorating and modifying a house can be very entertaining and a good blueprint is necessary.

By Bob Meadow, published at 02/16/2012
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