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How To Order New Service on

Published at 03/02/2012 05:52:23


Cellphone service is almost a necessity in this day and age. Sprint is one of the largest cellphone companies, along with AT&T and Verizon. Sprint is the only service that offers reasonable price plans and unlimited data service. They also have some of the highest customer satisfaction with their customers, more so than the other two largest companies. It is very easy to order new service on from Sprint.

Step 1

Go to and browse the different cellphones. One can do this by clicking on the "Shop" button and selecting "Phones." has a large selection of cellphones, including some of the newest phone releases. One can search through phones by price, brand, operating system, features, style, condition, and deals. Clicking on each cellphone on will bring up a page with features, specifications, pictures, and the price of the model. Multiple cellphones can be viewed and compared here. Phones can also be purchased from this area of the website.

Step 2

Purchase the cellphone from that fits your needs. Make note of the features that are desirable in a cellphone. Consider what the cellphone will be used for. If the cellphone will be used for texting, one with a slide-out keyboard may be useful. Phones used for business will need to have capabilities to have email, multiple apps, voicemail, Internet, and even a good camera. There is a cellphone on that can meet just about anyone's needs. Once a cellphone is selected, add the phone to the cart. Make sure the new two year agreement button is checked so the special pricing will apply. Once the phone is in the cart, a plan can be selected.

Step 3

Choose a new cellphone plan. Once a cellphone is placed in a cart, the plan screen will load. Select whether the plan will be person or family. A list of the current plans that are compatible with the selected cellphone will then be displayed. All of the features associated with the plan can be viewed here along with prices. Add-ons can be added to the plan once it is selected. The plans on change all the time, but generally there are two tiers of minutes and an unlimited everything plan. Add the selected plan to the cart. The add-ons will be shown on the next screen. Add-ons are not required and can be changed at any time.

Step 4

Pay for the cellphone and initial service. After going through the plan options on one can select any additional accessories to be purchased with the phone. Click "Continue" until the cart is shown with the cellphone and plan in it. Click "Checkout" to pay for the phone and service. people with good credit will receive a bill in the mail for the first month of service. people with poor credit will have to pay a deposit and pay for the plan ahead of time.

Step 5

Activate the brand new cellphone. It will take 2-5 business days to receive the cellphone from once it is shipped. The phone will come uncharged and not activated. Charge the phone and then call Sprint to activate or visit to activate online.


  • Remember that service from Sprint requires a two year commitment.
  • Always purchase the cellphone protection plan. one has 14 days from purchase to do so.
  • Know the limits of the plan and how much it costs to go over.
  • A plan can always be changed later if need be.


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