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How To Purchase Printer Toners


Toner refers to a special powder used in photocopiers and laser printers to form images and printed text. This powder is melted onto a paper by a heated roller during printing. This powder comes in a removable metal container known as cartridge. The printer toner cartridge can easily be replaced and can also be refilled with new toner powder. Thousands of pages can be printed with a single printer toners cartridge.

Step 1

Printer toners cartridges come in four different types. These types can differ according to their quality and price. The types are as

  • Refill cartridges
  • Remanufactured or refurbished cartridges
  • Compatible cartridges
  • Original Equipment
  • Manufacturer (OEM)

Step 2

Refill cartridges

  • The refilling of the printer toners is a cost effective method of reusing the same cartridge without replacing it.
  • Refilling is easily accessible within local markets and can also be carried out in homes.
  • The quality of refill printer toners may not be the same as the original OEM.

Step 3

Remanufactured or refurbished cartridges

  • This is the recycling process through which company recycle printer toners cartridges by repairing, cleaning and refilling with high quality ink.
  • The quality of remanufactured printer toners cartridges is better than refill cartridges and the cost is lower than the OEM Cartridges.

Step 4

 Compatible cartridges

  • Compatible printer toners cartridges are produced by third parties.
  • They provide high quality cartridges with comparatively lower rates than the OEM.

Step 5

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

  • OEM printer toners cartridges are provided by the manufacturer of the printer or their licensed partners.
  • The quality of these toners is incomparable but they are very expensive.


The selection of printer toner cartridge depends on the requirements of the user. Home user may need to refill the cartridge that will save the cost of purchasing a new one. Similarly, a small organization may prefer recycled printer toner cartridge for better print quality with low cost. The large organization may select compatible cartridges or OEM in some cases. A photographer will look for OEM printer toner cartridge for best print quality.


Different organization offers the services of printer toner cartridges such as refilling, remanufacturing and compatible cartridges at local markets and multinational level. The OEM cartridges can be ordered form the manufacturer either through their online websites or purchasing from them directly. Some third party vendors provide good quality of toner cartridges and also provide after sale service. Some offer discount rates on their products while others give special offers such as one free on buying two.


Local market can provide the easy way of purchasing printer toner that is easily accessible at reasonable rates. The vendors who are offering the following services can be trusted.

  • Provide guarantee such as money back guarantee on their products or product replacement.
  • Fulfill quality standards such as (ISO 9001).
  • Provide quality product at comparatively low price.
  • Customer service after sale.

All the above mentioned information can easily be obtained from their websites where online orders can easily be placed to purchase your required printer toner cartridge.

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