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The Difference Between a Single And a 2 Core Processor


What is the difference between a single and a 2 core processor? In the following article you will learn some basics about a 2 core processor because this way you can see the differences between the well known single core processor and the 2 core processor. First you need to know that Dual Core is a name of "class" or processor architecture. It refers to any processor (Intel or AMD) with two cores on the same chip. Intel Core or Intel Core2Duo is a registered trademark of the Intel Corporation. Many users are sometimes confused when it comes to Pentium D, Core Duo or Core2Duo. In fact all the above processors are dual core processors. What is dual-core architecture?


When the engineers at Intel and AMD realized that in a normal working atmosphere is no longer possible to increase the frequency of a processor over a certain level of safety. The heat generated by the processor could lead to various errors or worse ... The desperate need for speed (data processing) is the reason for which the technology has made the transition to the new 2 core processor. Rather than increasing the CPU frequency the engineers have opted for two processors with a lower frequency, wrapped into a 2 core processor. That is what we call today dual core or core2duo. You can suppose that a single core (Pentium4) is a road with two traffic lanes. On that road the cars travel with 100 km / h. A 2 core processor has four traffic lanes. The cars travel with the same speed. A quad core is a highway with eight lanes of traffic where the cars also travel at 100 km / h. The advantage of a 2 core processor is that the tasks can be performed in parallel streams, decreasing processing time.


Intel Pentium D - is the first 2 core processor model on the market. Intel was surprised by the appearance of Athlon64 X2 (who was a native dual core with an integrated memory controller in the processor, more efficient at lower frequencies with lower power consumption and much colder) and rushed to make their own processor. The result was a dual core processor composed of 2 single core Pentium4 processors "glued" together. The Pentium D had a bad reputation, an Athlon64 X2 3800 + (2.0 GHz) was better in many important applications. Many sources and motherboards were victims at that time because of this processor.

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Intel Core Duo - was the first dual-core CPU for laptops. It is a completely new architecture, using two cores in one processor. It runs at lower speeds than the old Pentium line. It is running on your laptops in two versions: Core Duo (dual core) and Core Solo (single core).
Intel Core2Duo - Core 2 brand refers to a series of single, dual and quad processors based on Core architecture. These processors have been very popular at the time of their occurrence; in fact, Intel has managed to regain the crown after three years of AMD domination. With a very low power consumption and very cold, the C2D processor quickly became the best because of its enormous overclocking ability.

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