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How To Update the Processor on a Computer


There was a time when upgrading meant getting new components for your computer like new RAM, new processor. Computers are still upgraded that way but another way to upgrade your processor for better speed and memory management is by simply updating the software. No you don't download software and drivers and spend hours looking at the computer screen for it to finish installing. It is easy and it's the best way to upgrade your processor. Computers operating versions have similar steps but this is in particular a guide through the Windows 7 version.

Step 1

First, click on the start menu and go to the control panel window. If your start menu doesn't have the control panel option, go to my computer and in the address bar type "control panel" and it will direct you to the control panel window. You must find your way to the control panel if these don't work, otherwise you can't upgrade your processor. Computer option on the start menu will lead you to my computer. Once the control panel opens, in this window you'll see the option "system and security".

Step 2

In the system and security window, you'll see the options Action center, Windows firewall and then system. Ignore the links below it and simply click on the icon which will take you to the system properties to upgrade the processor of your computer.

Step 3

There is another way to get to the system properties. Simply go the "computer" icon in start menu and right click on it. Go to the end of the menu and select "properties." You'll end up in the same place. Basically to upgrade the software of the processor, computer system properties window is where you need to be. Now in this window click on the device manager icon which will be on the right top corner. And another window will pop up showing you all the devices or hardware attached to the computer.

Step 4

In the device manager, window find the icon "processors" and select it. When you select it, it will pull down the list of processors that are attached to the motherboard. Select any of the processor. You will have to upgrade each one by one. Right-click on the processor you want to upgrade and select "update processor driver" and this will open the wizard that will update the processor. Computer system install wizards are easy to use.

Step 5

Choose the option Yes this time only when it prompts to ask if you want to connect to the Internet to search for new drivers. Once you click next it will start searching for drivers online and show you a list of drivers available for update. Choose the drivers you want and click next. Now the installation will start and then you'll just have to click "finish" when the computer is done updating the processor. Computers that don't have newer updates for processors will show you cannot update the processor window.


There are others ways to upgrade the processor. Computers motherboards have additional slots or replaceable slots for processors. Computers processors especially the latest ones can be a bit pricy but they will do wonders for your system. Upgrading a Core 2 Duo to an i3 will keep your system fresh for the next few years.

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