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Tips And Ideas For a Core Processor


What we think of first when choosing a computer? The answers to this question may be the most varied, but few will say they think about the core processor. Those who will think at the core processor are architects, designers, 3D, contractors or hardcore gamers.

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Well, in this article I will talk about a CPU for gamers, for those who work with the computer, design, use it for image processing or sound, or run applications that require serious computing resources. I do not want to exclude those who want a competitive and powerful computer, which is what we all seek after all.

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Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 core processor is a Wolfdale class, known for high performance, extremely low power consumption, operating at low temperatures and very extensive overclocking capabilities.

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Why do we need a powerful processor? It's simple. If you can not find any answer, I will tell you: if you don t want in two years to have on the table, or under the table an exceeded PC, obsolete or unable to support the new OS or new applications that you want to run. So you will make a little extra financial effort today, for peace, comfort and productivity tomorrow.

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Also if the applications you run are powerful, you need a core processor capable, stable and economic. Surprisingly, Intel, the world's leading processor seller on the market, has succeeded in providing a solution very well balanced in all aspects. Wolfdale series, which includes the E8400 offer performance at a justified price. Specifically, the core processor working at a normal temperature of about 33 degrees Celsius and consume at least 3.5 W. Amazing, is it not? Well, the values for a full load operation are even more dramatic: 100% CPU usage for the E8400 at only 47 degrees Celsius and about 33 W power consumption. That means half the Pentium 4 HT and even third compared to other AMD core processor models several years ago.

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When it comes to overclocking, a gamer specific process, Intel E8400 is very versatile. Operating frequency is 3 GHz for the core processor, but can be taken up to 4 GHz stable without problems. However some experts recommend a maximum overclock to 3.6 GHz. Naturally, overcloking process is not recommended using the stock cooler that comes with the retail processor package known as the "box". Certainly, the stock cooler can handle even the frequency of 4 GHz, but in these situations the energy and temperature consumption increase exponentially and it is recommended a cooler with large radiator, able to cool efficiently and not destroy the processor and motherboard.


No half measures and exaggeration, the core processor Intel E8400 makes its honorable duty to the frequency of 3 GHz and not feels that it would require overclocking. The core processor together with the stock cooler, controlled by a system as ASUS Q-Fan Control and with a silent graphic card makes the noise of the computer very low.

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This proves once again the superiority of Intel over AMD, but we hope that AMD will have a word to say in the future.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 02/09/2012
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