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Benefits Of a Core Quad Processor


Tegra 3 is the first core quad processor for mobile devices based on Android 4.0. This core quad processor is the foundation for a new generation of tablets and smart phones, more efficient and able to offer more than the generation Android Honeycomb. ASUS Eee Prime Transformer Pad is the first representative of the core quad processor generation of tablets with top equipment, intended to provide a show of force for the potential of the Tegra 3 platform.


Nvidia Kal El, or Tegra 3 after its commercial name, is little more than a core quad processor. It is actually composed of a total of five cores. Nucleus number five plays the role of an auxiliary processor, less sophisticated and less efficient than the four main cores, but more efficient in energy consumption. This companion processor is used for basic tasks that consume less energy, such as playing a music collection, email client synchronization and other operating system routines. This core quad processor design is an elegant solution for reducing energy consumption, which otherwise would increase exponentially with the complexity of the chipset. The four main cores are left completely inactive most of the time, but can bring considerable performance when really matters, for example when playing an HD video or 3D gaming.


Activation of the core quad processor in a hierarchical order, depending on energy efficiency and power requirements demanded by applications, significantly reduces energy consumption during periods of inactivity when the tablet is left with the screen off. Moreover, the core quad processor offered by the Tegra 3 chipset can be switched on and off when you are inside applications, providing software developers exactly the performance they need. The software developers can avoid situations where applications that appear harmless, such as instant messaging client or news reader, compromise the battery consuming more energy than necessary. Nvidia calls this concept vSMP (multiprocessing variable) and has already registered a patent for this technology. VSMP technology allows you to obtain energy consumption by up to 61% lower than the energy consumption of Tegra platform 2. The improvements made for this core quad processor can be seen exactly where it matters - the long-running activities such as video and web browsing.
As expected, a double number of cores bring about double performance in applications with variable results according to the present software optimizations.

Tips and comments

The advantages of this core quad processor really matter when it comes to games, where Tegra 3 provides a massive performance increase, which translates into a very good game play for today games and an impeccable level of quality for future games. The core quad processor design opens the way for more spectacular special effects, so far only available for console or PC games.
Nvidia is preparing to launch Quad Core Tegra Zone Games. This is a section dedicated to games for Tegra 3devicess. From Quad Core Tegra Zone Games we can download the Riptide GP titles, Bladeslinger and Shadowgun, designed to highlight the special effects of which the new platform is capable.
Users familiar with the console games will certainly be pleased to discover that the tablets based on Tegra chipset 3 gamepad are compatible with the gamepads designed for PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii, and models coming from manufacturers like Logitech.

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