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How To Upgrade the Processor To a Quad


The true fun of a computer system is its speed. Without the speed, the computer works sluggish. The processor is the brain of the computer, and is one of few most important components of the system. This doesn’t mean that a fast processor will make the computer system fast, additional components are also required to increase the speed of the computer. Hardware like a Motherboard, RAM, hard disk and operating system constitutes a good and fast system. Recently, the Processor Quad was launched. It means a single processor quad will work four times faster than the single core processor. Upgrading is easy but the cost is high. You must decide whether you want to upgrade your system or not. Below we are going to discuss about upgrading your system to a processor quad. A computer system with processor quad costs around $900.

Step 1

To upgrade the processor, you must select between the two most famous and reliable brands of processor manufacturer, Intel and AMD. They are the best in the business and their processor is also very good. Earlier, AMD used to suffer from heating problem, but recently they have made tremendous progress in rectifying this issue. Now they are not only fast but also very stable. Intel on the other hand is the first one to launch the processor quad family. They are often considered as the pioneer of processor market. You must do extensive research about the available processor in the market, before choosing the particular brand of processor. Cost factor should also be considered.

Step 2

RAM is an important part of the computer system. They are often known as the primary storage because all the applications are fetched and saved in this part of the hardware. Since, it is volatile type of memory; it is very easy to loose the data on it. RAM is very costly and for processor quad it is suggested to go for at least 4GB of memory.

Step 3

Motherboards are particularly manufactured with relevance to the processor it is going to support. It is a misconception, that any motherboard can support processor quad. BIOS is an important application on the motherboards, it verifies whether the hardware is properly connected or not. RAM is also positioned on the motherboard. Other hardware such as Graphics card, LAN card, secondary storage cable and power cable are connected to it. Processor quad is mounted on top of the motherboard.

Step 4

Operating system is a graphical interface with which users interact with the underlying hardware. A stable operating system makes the full utilization of the processor quad. Three most commonly used operating systems are Windows, Linux and Macintosh. Windows and Macintosh have full support for different types of application and games. Linux support many applications but lacks the support for games.

Step 5

Graphics card uses processor quad and RAM to give the user a beautiful and pleasant view. Many motherboards come with an inbuilt graphics card, which is not sufficient for many users. Additional installation of graphics card on the motherboard is strongly suggested for users who use their system for gaming purposes.


Processors are very costly but they are having a high durability.

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Always try to aim for higher configuration computer.

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