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the Benefits Of a Core Duo Processor


It does not take Intel much time to come up with new processors for computers, right after they have just launched one. The blame cannot be entirely their own. They are expected to constantly bring out technological advances to ensure upgrade of technology in offices and industries for better efficiency and productivity. The problem is faced by us private consumers, who after buying the latest Intel processor find themselves using an old processor 6-7 months later. Despite the fact that these advances are happening pretty fast, Intel did come across a technology that formed the basis of all processor chips being used today. Intel started making core Duo processors. Duo referred to laptops having dual cores in processors. Normally, processors only had one working core in them, but Intel devised a way for people to have two working core Duo processors. This technology did miracles for the performance of computer systems.


Laptops, desktops and tablets today, all use processors that are descendants of the original DUO processors. Although their hardware does not share the same architecture, they do share the concept of Duo processor for computers. It did not take long for Intel to introduce the Core 2 Duo laptops. The core Duo processors laptops had two individual processors operating in a single chip. Now these came in a great range, differing in performance and power requirements. With relatively low and slow processors that only required 10W of power or 17W of power, to the more performance oriented and powerful processors requiring up to 35W and 65W of power.


Now what exactly happens if your computer has more than just one processor? How significantly does this affect the performance of the computer’s processing unit? The obvious answer is that two heads are better than one, but the more technical side of the explanation is that when one processor is busy and occupied with processing a command, the other processor is available for the procession of a different command. Hence, core duo processors laptops allowed users to multi task and not have to wait for the computer to finish processing one command before getting to the next. This also means that computers doubled in processing speed which eventually meant that all your work became a lot faster. However, at this point, the core 2 duo lacked in what is available in the new processors. Duo processors did not allow system processing and active memory processing to be done in separate processors.

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The next generations of core duo processors laptops have even more processors. The descendants of the duo processor include the i3, i5 and the i7 core processors. These processors not only have more than two processors, but processors for different sort of memory. For example, the i3 processor has two active memory processors and one virtual memory processors. The i5 processors have three active memory processors and two virtual memory processors. This not only made multi tasking a lot easier, but also made the system perform a lot faster, since the system had its own processor for dealing with system program processing.

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