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What You Need To Know About Microprocessors


A microprocessor is an electronic device that is placed in the central processing unit or the CPU of a computer. It helps you with the work of computing. It is one of the most important parts of the computer. Without microprocessors all the computers in the world would be blind. These little electronic wonders find their place in many advanced electronic gadgets like jet airliners, printers, or cellphones.

Every microprocessor operates on a very arithmetic and logical base that is incorporated into it. It is greatly associated with the logic of control and there are usually many chips inside so that they can operate really fast and handle multiple tasks at a time. They are also experts at providing large caches. There are many others as well which work on a single chip. They help store information like data and programs and come with integrated circuits that help with the purpose of storage. Microprocessors is like the heart of a microcomputer or mini computer. The first one processor ever made was known as Intel 4004 and it was made in the month of November in the year 1971.

There are broadly three types of microprocessors. These are transistor-transistor logic or the TTL, the complementary-metal-oxide semiconductor or the CMOS and emitter-coupled logic or ECL. They can also be distinguished by their instruction sets like the complex instruction set computer (CSIC) or the reduced instruction set computer or the RISC. CMOS is a technology which is mainly used in portable computers or laptops while the TTL is the most widely and extensively used microprocessor. If you need great speed at the cost of great power consumption then ECL should be your choice. The other two processors like the RISC or the CSIC are much more expensive and complicated.

The microprocessor can process any given information. Their basic job is to store memory and that is exactly what they do. They store various kinds of information and process them when asked to do so. The most important factors behind the working of microprocessors are programs. They can do anything and everything with the help of programs and fall flat without them. They also play a great role in controlling the storage devices, high speed printers, the Internet and even the graphic user interface or the GUI.

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The microprocessor is not only restricted to the computer anymore, it is present in almost every other electronic device like digital watches, electronic games, and even calculators. They play the control freaks in the modern microwave ovens which are widely used in kitchens. They are also present in automatic targeting devices in aircrafts and are also used for regulating gasoline worldwide. There is no denying that they are one of the greatest discoveries in the world of technology and are of immense importance.

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