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About the Duo Core Processor


Processors act like the computer’s Central Processing Unit (CPU) dealing with tasks directed to it, kind of like the human brain. It’s obviously a very intricate device, and new technology has made it even more complicated by incorporating two processors for increased functioning and task handling capabilities. This device that is a combination of two processors is referred to a duo core processor and it’s widely available in the electronics market. Many other processors have also been developed and these comprise of quad-core processors, providing four combined processors and even hexa-core and octa-core processors providing a combination of 6 and 8 processors respectively. These however, are necessary for more complex and high burden tasks and functions.


Previously before this technology was invented single core processors instead of duo core processor were popular and were of course, the only attainable option. These processors provide extremely slow performance. Mainly because the CPU is provided with a long list of instructions that it needs to execute one by one. Some of these tasks also need to be stored in the cache for speedy access. However, when data apart from the cache needs to be accessed the computer has to undertake a list of procedures which comprise of retrieval through the Random Access Memory (RAM). When a user is multi-tasking, fro example surfing the web and writing a document this problem aggravates. The limited resources of the core processor are utilized to shift between different data sets. People believe that Intel was the first manufacturer of duo core processor because they are also the number one sellers. And since they made this invention public many companies incorporated the same technology in light of the past paced society.


Previous single core processors implied that task completion was slow and time consuming. People got annoyed because performing small tasks took considerable effort and patience. For people who have shifted to duo core processors the difference between operations will be visible during multi-tasking, because they will notice a considerable increase in speed. This also makes it evident that there will be less screen freezing and computers won’t get stuck that often, unexpected shut downs can also be avoided. A notable feature of duo core processors is that they don’t require new motherboards, but can be installed your old boards if they have the appropriate free sockets. This process requires trained technicians to be meticulous and you can’t manage it yourself. A recent revolution in the computer technology trend has also resulted in the production of Core 2 Duo processors. These are normally found in laptops because they consume less power and provide high speed. These however are considerably more expensive. This type of processor is also specific to the company Intel that provides for portable computer companies.

Tips and comments

Nowadays, almost every computer user needs a duo core processor no matter what the intensity of the work might be. For people involved in technical work these processors are compulsory in nature. Even though tasks can be carried out speedily, and users can listen to music, browse the internet and type documents at the same time, without freezing issues, multi-processors are still faster. However, it has been noted that for the average user such a processor is highly sufficient and satisfactory.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/24/2012
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