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What Is a Core Duo Processor?


Study about the computers has not finished yet, more and more new inventions are taking places to enhance the computers with latest features. Computers that were used at the starting era of computers are much different as compare to the computer of present time. This is because with the passage of time there is countless variation and modifications occurred in the computers. Every part of the computer is of great worth but processors are the most important part of computers. Processors act like the computer’s central processing unit dealing with tasks directed to it. Processor is the main parts that can boost up a computer’s speed. Computer working and speed will be faster if the processor is strong. Few years back, there was only a single processor used in the central processing unit but now time has changed. Fast and super processors are now used in desktop computers and laptops.


This device that is a grouping of two processors is referred to a core duo processor that is easily accessible in the market. Core duo processor is mostly installed in the latest desktop and laptop computers with other extended features. Core duo processor however, is essential for more complex and high burden tasks and functions. Few years back, single core processors were used instead of core duo processor because that was only the single option. But now there are so many options to select from. Single processors provided extremely slow speed but core duo processor is much faster than these processors. Computers having core duo processor also have high cache speed which also gives enhanced speed and performance. High size random access memory RAM is also compatible with this core duo processor that doubles their speed and other working. Intel is the first manufacturer of core duo processor, there is no doubt that Intel is the top seller of core duo processor. By following this company many other companies incorporated the same technology on light of the past paced society.


People especially working persons and businessmen got annoyed in the past times just because of their slow processing systems. There working ratio was really low just because their system uses to take lots of time to complete any single task. With the release of core duo processor, these people have took a calm breathe. Systems having core duo processor are the master of doing multiple tasks at once.


You can enjoy multi tasking and your system will not hang up even once. Core 2 duos processors are the latest type of processors are rocket fast as compare to all other processors. These processors are normally found in laptops as they consume less power and give higher speed. Core duo processor has the ability to consume less power and to give jet speed in result. These processors are ideal for those who need to run multi programming at the mean time because they will not feel any problem like stuck or hanging the system. So buying a laptop or desktop pc having core duo processor in it can give you soothe in doing every kind of task.

By John, published at 03/26/2012
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