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Technology advances day after day. For computers, the speed and efficiency of processors also improves with time. Processor duo is one of the advances with the processor that leads to the multi core processor technology. The processor duo technology is simply the incorporation of two cores of the processor on the same chip. This is more the same as having two processors in a single computer.



The processor duo is mostly made by Intel Company. This is a powerful processor that range from mid range to high end business and individual processors. There are other variants of Intel processors. Pentium duo is one of the powerful variants in existence. This processor mainly employs the L2 cache of 2 MB. There are various duo processor brand names such as the T2xxx and U2xxx.


The main aim of the processor duo is to suit multi tasking. With this kind of processor, one can run various applications at a go. The processor provides ample power for the processing of applications. This takes care of programs with intensive graphics such as games. Processor duo works under two principles. With two cores, a task could either be distributed to both cores or each core could handle a task. This enhances the processing speed as the cores are not exhausted.

The processor duo can be applied in all motherboards that bear the correct duo processor hardware. The hardware is mainly the right type of socket. Is a motherboard has this socket already; you can easily upgrade the processor to a duo core one. On the other hand, a board with no such socket cannot be upgraded. Nowadays, most PC machines follow the processor duo technology. This means it is easy to get one than upgrade.

The processor duo also requires some specific software. In order to make use of this processor, the system software must be on familiar terms with multi threading. The multi threading type is generally the SMT, Simultaneous Multi Threading. Any software that is not compatible with Simultaneous Multi Threading does not work with the duo processor. Such SMT software includes the Adobe Photoshop.

With a processor duo, there are many benefits a person gets. One of the greatest advantages is that of using voltage efficiency. With this technique, the machine produces no noise when running. The other thing concerns power saving. This is due to application of energy efficiency technique. This is a great benefit especially for laptop users as it helps reduce heating one’s laps.



Tips and comments

When choosing a processor duo, there are various points to consider. This is mostly done when you want to upgrade the CPU. It is good to choose one that fits the CPU socket on the motherboard. The motherboard has markings that help one identify the socket used. In most cases, the sockets are mainly Pin Grade Arrays or Land Grid Array (PGA or LGA).

One should also know their needs and significance of the clock speed of the processor duo. This speed is measured in gigahertz and the higher it is the more powerful is the processor. To achieve better performance, it is good to incorporate a reasonable RAM memory. The processor goes in hand with the RAM.

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