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For the very long period of time, Intel has been leading the market in sales and popularity of processors but AMD available Athlon processors finally put a stop to that. All off the Athlon processors available are best in speed and quality, describing about separate processors will be difficult. They have slowly but surely regained the market back from Intel with the release of Athlon 64 processor, with 64 bit computing capabilities.

The Athlon processors available have proven themselves the market leaders in processing power. As compared to Intel processors, AMD processor run at a lot slower speeds making them cooler to run, which has eliminated the need for expensive cooling equipment and opened the use for overclocking. Although AMD hit the target by releasing their 64 bit available Athlon processor, they have been constantly upgrading their line up to increase speed and efficiency. This is superficial with their FX series processors and their dual core processors.


Processor Athlon available, designed and manufactured by Advanced Micro Devices, is basically the brand name applied to the series of x86-compatible microprocessors. Initially first processor Athlon available retained the great performance that leads it over Intel's competing processors for the significant period of time. The original processor Athlon available also had the distinction of being the very first desktop processor that reaches speed of one GHz (gigahertz). AMD has continued working on eighth-generation processor featuring x86-64 architecture, and then Athlon II.

AMD family of Athlon processor available includes high-performance processors based on AMD K7 architecture. Earlier available Athlon processors were produced in a Card Module package with backside L2 cache. With the introduction of a Thunderbird core, it became possible to package the processors into smaller and cheaper PGA package. Performance of available Athlon processors and microprocessors was improved even further when the frequency of the Front Side Bus was increased from 200 to 266 MHz. The fastest processors from the AMD Athlon CPU family are A1400AMS3C with 1.4 GHz speed and 266 MHz front side bus and A1400AMS3B with 1.4 GHz and 200 MHz FSB.

Mobile Athlon XP also called Athlon XP-M is physically identical to the equivalent desktop Athlon XPs equivalent, only contrary by the configuration used to achieve a great performance level. Athlon processors available are usually binned and selected to become a mobile processor by their ability to run in a given processor speed, supplied with a lower voltage as compared to desktop. This results in minor power consumption, longer battery life, and reduced heat as compared to using a normal desktop part. In addition Mobile XPs feature includes multiplier-locked and higher-rated maximum operating temperatures, and also making them attractive for overclocking.
The Athlon processor available XP-M replaced the older Mobile Athlon 4 based on the Palomino core, with the Athlon XP-M using the newer Thoroughbred and Barton cores. The Athlon processor available XP-M was also offered in a compact micro PGA socket.

Athlon XP-Ms was popular with desktop overclockers as well as underclockers. The processors were also liked for their undervolting ability, which is a process to determine the lowest voltage at which a CPU can remain stable at a given clock speed. Available processor Athlon XP-M CPUs were best rated running lower voltages than the desktop. Also,not being multiplier locked, XP-Ms Athlon processor available curiously was not disabled from multi-processor operation. So they could be used in place of the more expensive Athlon MP in dual socket A motherboards, as those boards generally lacked multiplier and voltage adjustment, and normally support 133 MHz FSB for which adjustments would still be needed for full speed operation.

It doesn’t mean that when you purchase the more expensive brands, you will always get the more reliable ones. Athlon processors available are the cheaper brand and the more reliable choice. The AMD Athlon processors available also experience far less compatibility problems than that of Intel's processors. It is also priced cheaper which is another reason why many people have bought this type of processor.

Tips and comments

Intel and AMD will always try to beat each other when it comes to the performance of hardware. This leads to great competition because people will be given a better and more improved version of what they already have. So it’s good to say that the AMD Athlon Processors available are best for businesses, school and for gaming. So if you want a computer that able to suit your current or future needs, it is best to choose a computer that has an AMD Processor Athlon available, which can be a little bit more expensive but it will be definitely valuable.

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