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Who Installs Systems in Cars?


Car systems work in various ways and have their own role to play in the functioning of the car. Some systems are really essential for the car and the car cannot function without it. some systems are installed to make the working of a car better while some systems are needed for personal needs and enjoyments. In any case these car systems are very important and these systems combined contribute towards the functioning and the well-being of a car.

As said, there are many cars systems. These systems in turn include various parts which are installed to make that system work. Mainly cars systems consists of: charging system, ignition system, emission system, electrical systems, fuel systems, hybrid power system, starting system, audio system, air conditioning system and cooling system. These are the systems that are found most commonly in cars, however other systems such as alarm system can also be installed in a car.

In the mentioned systems audio and AC systems are installed for personal enjoyment, hydropower systems are installed for smooth running and fuel safety while the rest are very important. The ignition system includes: spark plugs, ignition wires and coils, all of which work together to provide ignition to the car so that the car can get started at the first place. The fuel system is involved in fuel storage and consumption something without which car can't run at all. The charging system involves the battery of the car and the regulator. The cooling system must not be consumed with the Air conditioning system as it includes: radiator, water pump and hoses, thermostat and heater. Radiator is a very important component in a car as it helps to keep the engine cool.


All the major problems related to cars, apart from accidents, are linked to one of these cars systems. Either the systems fail to work due to shock or mistreatment or an accident or simply because of improper installation. However, it doesn't mean that cars system installation is a difficult task. The task can be done by various automobile companies which specialize in car system installation or many car repairing garages by mechanics and automobile engineers. However,if learned, the task can be achieved at home as well. Many people actually install their car systems themselves. They buy the systems through automobile spare parts companies and then through reading various manual and guidelines perform the task themselves.

Tips and comments

If you think you can install your cars systems and are sure that you wont make a mistake then its always better to install your systems yourself. Systems such as audio systems and ignition systems can be installed easily at home. However, only if one knows the exact and proper procedure. Installing your systems yourselves would save money and your time as most garages and companies charge a lot and take too much time. However,if you feel a slight difficulty and are not 100 percent sure if you can do the task right then its always best not to experiment and take your car to a garage to get its systems installed.

By Qasim Ali, published at 03/31/2012
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