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5 Things You Must Know About Systems Inventory


The field of information technology has grown up to a greater height. The maintenance of physical entities has reduced and almost everything is maintained electronically. Since the data is being held electronically, the integrity of data has to be given utmost importance. The loss of data integrity would lead to a huge loss in the business. The problem in storing the data in electronic media like hard disks is that, if the hard disk gets corrupted, we might lose the stored data. So the systems inventory has to be employed as a protection to maintain the information about the data that is stored. Systems inventory is a tool that would provide us a complete report on the hardware and the software details of any computer. So employing such tool will help us in many ways.


The importance of these kinds of systems inventory tools were realized at recent times. When the internet and the electronic media started to grow, there weren’t as many threats to the data as we are facing currently. During early days of computer, the electronic storage mediums were a costly solution for maintaining the data. But now a day’s it has become a cost effective solution to manage everything using computers. Since these computers have reached every corner of the world, many hackers are trying to steal or corrupt the data that is stored electronically. That is when people started using the systems inventory tools.


• Data Recovery: The systems inventory has the ability to fetch the complete data about any computer. All the software and hardware related details can be retrieved and saved, so that we could use the report in case of system failures. In order to identify what kind of data= was present in the system, this tool would be of great help.
• System Upgrade: If we decide to upgrade our system to the latest configuration available in the market, we need to know the current system configuration. That information can be gathered using the systems inventory tools.
• Software Installation: Everyone who owns a computer would need to install different software to meet their requirements. In those situations we need to make sure that our system meets the required configuration for that software to work as expected. So we could check the report generated using the systems inventory tool to check for our system configurations and compare it with the software requirements.
• Version Comparison: Most often we might need to check the details of the system records based on a specific time period. The systems inventory tool has the ability to store the previous reports and we can easily compare the earlier versions of the report with the current version, using its rich user interface.
• System log: Since these tools have the ability to track the system information, it can be used as a system log that stores the information of the system and could be checked for any problems or issues on a later period of time.

Tips and comments

• The present day world is filled a huge number of hackers. So manage your data in an effective manner to stay away from their traps.
• Use these inventory tools to maintain the system data, which could be used during system crash.


By Smita, published at 04/05/2012
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