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High Speed Internet Services On The Go

The best thing about data 3G services is the fact that you have high speed Internet access anywhere you go. Whether it is at home, the office or on the road, you can access you favorite websites and talk with your friends anywhere you go. 3G stands for 3rd Generation and is the successor to the GSM service that has been around for a really long time. It was originally started by NTT DOCOMO, a Japanese telecommunication company and has since been adopted by numerous service providers around the world. Countries like South Korea and Japan have the highest user base with 70% of the cell phone users on a 3G network. This is mainly due to the tech savvy nature of the people in these countries. The user base of data 3G subscribers stands at somewhere around 300-400 million users worldwide, this is still very less compared to the number of GSM users.

How 3G Is Better

Since 3G networks provide more bandwidth they can be used to access a wide range of Internet services. Services like video-conferencing, online gaming and video/audio streaming is possible on 3G enabled devices which makes sure that users can make full use of the networks ability to transfer data at high speeds. Japan and South Korea are the two countries which have seen a wide range of services for 3G devices. These countries are the pioneers in data 3G technology and you can expect to see a person playing an online game, video chatting with friends or watching TV while on the subway in these countries. Services like Netflix and Hulu are also available through data 3G devices allowing users to download and watch movies and TV shows anywhere they are. Siri, the iphone application is another service that benefits from high speed data from data 3G networks. It allows you to search for shopping malls, car dealerships or restaurants by accessing the Internet to search for valid information.

3G Devices For Better Services

Most gadgets today come are data 3G enabled, devices like the iPad, Kindle and PS Vita are some of the devices that have data 3G versions. These devices allow users to do anything from downloading books, gaming to video-conferencing on a data 3G network. Services like iCloud and Dropbox allow users to view their data anywhere in the world on any mobile device. Data is constantly updated on their devices through the network making sure that their data is protected and shared between their devices all the time.

Better Security For Users

3G networks offer a greater amount of security as compared to their 2G predecessors like GSM and CDMA. Unlike GSM systems which have reported a number of phones being hacked and data stolen from them, data 3G devices offer better security since the network requires devices to be authenticated before receiving or accessing data. Though data 3G is not as popular as many expected it to be, it will surely gain more users with the increase in the number of affordable 3G devices and the decrease in service charges in the coming years.

By Hannah Aliposa, published at 02/12/2012
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