How To Get the Top Of the Line Windows Systems
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How To Get the Top Of the Line Windows Systems

Published at 03/01/2012 12:46:58


How To Get the Top Of the Line Windows Systems

In windows, command shell batch scripting software is present that helps you to communicate between operating system and the user of systems directly. In command shell no any GUI graphics. It is not user friendly because it is very difficult for common users only specialist can use it frequently it is not as much learnable n simple. If you process or install any software by using command shell, you can write very complex and complicated commands on shell. It is totally a character based and not using mouse in the shell you can only process character base applications. In commands shell you cannot see any picture or icons that you can generally see outside the shell.

Step 1

It provides you a writing interface that you can install by using writing commands on shell and then executes the software by executing the commands and install by seeing software icon of the screen. It is just like MS-DOS command interpreter works. The Cmd works as an interpreter which is used for commands lines in Windows XP operating system. When you write commands as an input into character form 1st understand your operating system of systems and translate commands and then executes what you desire and direct flow of communication between application and operating system. Command line of systems is like an alternative if someone wants to write a line for processing then use batch scripting.

Step 2

In windows XP when the command shell program is installed in your computer then must the icon is present in all programs in the form of shortcut. First click on start button then all programs and point the target program like command shell of systems and start writing commands on this new appearing window.

Step 3

Everyone is familiar with the MS-DOS of systems, so you must know the commands and how the way to write and use shell. Whatever you want to handle either any application are backups you just write and line and press enter key and the command is submitted and start working accordingly.

Step 4

If you want to enter in any folder, write the name of folder of systems by using back slash and press enter key and you have to enter in that particular folder and perform task whatever you want to perform.

Step 5

Linux and UNIX commands of systems are almost same like windows it’s a console application that you only use keyboard not it is very easy to handle like if you forget so commands and need help so there is a keywords present that you write and all the help related to your question is present there and you can easily get the point.


How To Get the Top Of the Line Windows Systems

It is the shell that you can write commands only and it obviously works like if you want to go directly in any folder of systems or come back to any drive you can write commands and come in that particular folder. 



Cmd command is built in windows operating system but there are many other programs present. If you are a user of command line then you have to use other programs that are freely available on internet. The productivity of systems is increased by the using such softwares.


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