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AIDS As The World Knows It

AIDS have been causing great alarm to people all over the world. Since the pandemic started in 1981 on AIDS there is no stopping people and countries to conduct studies and researches that aim to understand and cure people who have AIDS. When I started to introduce itself to the world, it was called by different names like ‘gay cancer’ or ‘gay compromised syndrome’. Understanding this disease was not that easy for the world. There has been a lot of confusion with regards to its real cause and its cure. Some other known diseases and disorders were even thought to be what medical AIDS is now known for. Good thing that people didn’t stop at making researches about the said diseases because they wouldn’t have come up with the better understanding of it.

Know Your AIDS

Understanding medical AIDS itself have made some new discoveries on how to deal with the disease. Because of the researches and studies about this disease after it created chaos among the people all over the world, we now have the culprit of this disease known. HIV or human immuno deficiency virus is revealed as the cause of this disease. Thus, this disease is commonly known now as HIV/AIDS. The tricky part of this disease is that it is caused not just by any virus but by a retro-virus. HIV is a retro-virus that replicates itself in a matter of seconds and attacks your immune system. Thus, compromising your body’s capability of defending you from any other types of diseases.

HIV/AIDS and Its Prevention

Medical AIDS is found to be transmitted through the exchange of blood directly, or indirectly, from a person who has it to another who doesn’t. It was even considered at first to be only transmitted through physical contact or sexual intercourse. But because of the researches and studies, we are now informed that it can be transmitted in different ways that involve blood transfusion or exchange. Having known the possible ways to get infected with medical AIDS, people are now being warned to be more careful in dealing with unsterilized sharp instruments like needles, injection syringe, or even hair clipper that can be sources of blood transmission. Of course, non-protected sexual contact is still considered one of the possible ways to acquire the said disease.

Research on Prevention and Cure

If you want to know whether you have this disease or not, one common way to find out is through blood test. And if you suspect that you have medical AIDS and yet your first blood test result shows negative of it, never assume that it is already conclusive. As reported, the HIV virus has an incubation period of around 6-months which means you might want to have your second or third blood test after the sixth month if you want to be sure. People may have known medical AIDS and on how to deal with it but it is not conclusive of an effective cure. This is the reason why organizations or groups of concerned people are trying all their best to proceed with the research on this disease.

By Greggy Rick Go, published at 02/13/2012
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