Are There Still Chances Of Having a Flu Endemic
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Are There Still Chances Of Having a Flu Endemic

Published at 02/09/2012 16:30:37

Climate against the viruses

Are There Still Chances Of Having a Flu Endemic

According to research, climate change makes a lot of changes or distinction around us including the endemic, epidemic and pandemic flu or diseases. Due to climate change a person is not allowed to stay under the sun too long to avoid skin diseases or skin cancer, a person must drink vitamins to make his immune system strong enough to fight simple flu like colds and fever, and most of all he is advice to take a vaccine to prevent having any diseases that are endemic, epidemic or pandemic.

Zoonoses and the endemic viruses

Are There Still Chances Of Having a Flu Endemic

A flu endemic do not usually starts on humans’; it depends on the virus, diseases or zoonoses. Zoonoses are biological diseases adapted to or normally found in the animals but also infect humans. Subtype Influenza A viruses such as H1N1, H1N2, H3N1, H3N2 and H2N3 started from animals, like birds, pigs and cow, and became epidemic or pandemic to other countries. When the influenza A viruses almost became pandemic, the officials of the United States, ordered to manufacture vaccines that will help fight the said influenza viruses. A person with flu virus can have symptoms of:

o Being lame and dizzy,
o Vomiting and loss of appetite,
o Lack of breathing,
o Weak and exhausted
o Has an on-off fever


Built up of endemic flu beside you

Are There Still Chances Of Having a Flu Endemic

Like any seasonal viruses or flu, these symptoms are just the start of the viral virus. First-aid to these symptoms caused by the viral viruses will be the first thing the doctor will treat or give medications to. If the person did not recover from the first medications given, then that’s the time the doctor will recommend for laboratory test or procedures and even blood culture to know the exact virus that hit the person. If the virus they found out is unknown to them, then the patient will undergo more laboratory test, such a urine culture and others, and will declare a new type of flu endemic.

Most doctors recommend to eat banana (one of the excellent source of vitamins and minerals), drink fruit juices such as cranberry and grape juice (and even Gatorade, if platelets are on-off), eat green and leafy vegetables, take a flu or influenza vaccines (prescribe by doctors) and clean up your garage that you think the insects or any virus might build up. And the most important of all is proper handwashing.

Environment, climate change and your awareness

Climate change causes a change in nature, climate and the whole environment which means that the chances of having a flu endemic are positive. It will depend on the body of the host, how it will adopt to the virus or how the disease or virus conquers the body of the host. Things are more complicated nowadays, that’s why environmentalist recommends to take good care of the environment by using paper products instead of plastic products (in some circumstances and products produced), plant new trees to avoid land slide or flood and clean your own environment and community to avoid the chances of building up or having a flu endemic around us.


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