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People have are heard and read about what AIDS is. This disease has been causing a lot of stirs around the world because if its spread. The first few years this disease introduced itself to the world, people had no clue what it was. People died because of it while doctors were puzzled about its nature and causes. Treatments have failed, and cures have not been discovered.

As people continue to research and study the facts about this disease, a lot of discoveries are being introduced to the world. Because of this additional information about this life-threatening disease, treatments have become more effective in addressing the disease. However, no cure has been found yet.

How AIDS Affect People

AIDS is an abbreviation of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. The name itself is indicative how the immune system got something to do with this disease. This disease affects the attacks the immune system of the body and making it weak. Once the immune system is unhealthy, the body will not be able to defend itself from any other diseases to invade it.

Once your body becomes vulnerable to even those common diseases that are normally easy to treat, without the help of the immune system, the effect will be too much for the body. If this condition is not being managed, eventually the body will not be able to take it any longer, and it might just surrender to the attacks of the diseases that have invaded it.

Prevention of AIDS Can Be Done

What are the measures to prevent AIDS? Preventing AIDS to spread is difficult to do but is extremely possible. There are ways on how you can prevent and stop it from spreading to other people.

One way to start promoting the prevention of AIDS is by understanding how this disease is being spread and transmitted. Knowing as much information as you can about AIDS can help you how to prevent the causes of the disease and eliminate the modes of transmission of it.

Promote the awareness of what AIDS is as much as you can; even in workplaces. The virus that is causing the disease can be transmitted by just anybody or by not being careful in using stuff of others who might have the disease.

Make it a habit to wash your hands as often as you can. You can use warm water to wash your hands, especially after handling blood or body fluids.

Misconception of AIDS

AIDS has always been a serious disease that people would not want to be diagnosed with. When a person is diagnosed with AIDS, not only are they going to face a very tough time in treating the disease but also in how we deal with the reaction of people. People who are not so aware of the means of how AIDS is being transmitted, have the immediate thinking that this disease is only acquired through sexual contact.

That is why it is important that people, even those who are not facing this disease, are well informed of the nature of the disease. The more people know about this disease, the more they understand how hard it is for people to deal with the disease, and that they need as much help as they can get.

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