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How To Care For Cancer Patients At Home

Published at 03/02/2012 16:25:28


When a loved one is diagnosed with cancer it can be confusing and devastating for everyone involved. Treatment for the cancer patient will vary depending on type and stage of cancer the patient has been diagnosed with. Caring for a cancer patient at home is one way we can help make them fee more secure and will allow them to remain around the people that love them and keep them in familiar surroundings.

Step 1

Being diagnosed with cancer is one of the most devastating things a person can face in life. When it happens to you or someone you love it gives a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. You must first understand the concept of cancer and the prognosis given to the cancer patient. The care provided could be end of life care for the cancer patient or it could be just for a period of time while the cancer patient undergoes treatment if the prognosis is good.

It’s such an unsure time for everyone involved but there are many things we can do to care for a cancer patients at home and ensure they are as comfortable as they can be. The demands of caring for cancer patients at home can take a toll on you, but it is also very rewarding. Whatever the case may be you must make sure that you are able to meet the demands and offer the supportive care that is needed for the cancer patients.

Step 2

Now that you have established that you will be caring for a cancer patient at home, it’s time to decide a plan of care. You need to ensure that you understand the diagnosis and prognosis of the cancer patient.

Think in terms of what you can do for the patient to help them remain secure and comfortable. If it means traveling to and from a cancer center or hospital for treatments and other care then you may need to ask for help from other family members or friends to ensure you don’t completely exhaust yourself doing everything.

Step 3

Providing nutritional support is another important element of caring for cancer patients. Do some research and educate yourself as to what type of nutritional support the cancer patient needs. There are even certain diets that have been developed by nutritionists that are intended to help provide the support the cancer patient needs. For more information about cancer diet options go to: http://cancer-diet.net.


Step 4

While you will be providing care for the cancer patient at home you will also need to consider what type of financial situation you have on your hands. There are some sources of financial assistance available for cancer patients. If family, friends or other loved ones can help you during this time, that’s the best option but if they cannot, it will then be time for you research other options by turning to local churches, community resources, and government agencies.

Cancer patients are entitled to receiving certain benefits from the government.  The time to seek government assistance for cancer patients is right when the diagnosis is confirmed.

Step 5

Last but not least, it may be necessary to seek the help of a home health agency or hospice for end of life care. Hospice is a terrific resource when it comes to caring for cancer patients at home. They provide a variety of services and support, not just for the patient but for the family, friends and others involved.

No one wants to encounter cancer, but in today’s world, it seems that cancer is more prominent than any other disease. With advances in cancer treatments and care options it’s possible that you won’t have to utilize hospice services but if the prognosis isn’t good then at least you know you have an option to ensure that your loved one is well cared for.

With the multitude of things involved in caring for cancer patients at home, don’t be ashamed to seek any and all resources to help you provide the best possible care.


Ask for help if needed

Seek any and all resources you can to help you

Pray, believe and never lose hope

Educate yourself

Take care of yourself and take breaks so you don’t become overwhelmed

Seek help from a home health agency or hospice if necessary

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