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What Is the Common Treatment For Prostate Cancer


Prostate cancer happens when there is an abnormal and unmanageable growth of cells in your prostate. Whether it is considered malignant or benign, prostate cancer treatment needs serious attention and care. This type of cancer occurs in men and the numbers are showing that more and more men are getting prostate cancer each year. This type of cancer involves the prostate gland that produces the liquid part of the semen in men. Prostate can be found at the base of the bladder and it has got a size if a walnut. The tube that carries the urine from the bladder which is called urethra surrounds the prostate. Changes in size of the prostate can make it difficult for the urethra to pass urine and dispose it.

Known Causes of Prostate Cancer

The exact cause of prostate cancer is unknown. This has not been fully understood yet which is why it is difficult to really determine its main cause. What is known and observed though is that the risk of prostate cancer is higher as men grow old. Those men who are diagnosed with this type of cancer are above 50 years old, but this doesn't mean that those just below 50 years old can just relax. The risk of getting prostate cancer yourself gets higher if the relative who had prostate cancers was below 60 when it hit him. One of the things men should look out for is any family history of women having breast cancer. This is also observed as alarming since it can also place men at higher risk to have prostate cancer.

Treating Prostate Cancer

The production of testosterone plays a significant role in the growth of the prostate tumors. Cutting the supply or production of testosterone is considered as a way to treat this cancer. There are medications that help deal with testosterone and prevent it from attaching themselves to the prostate cells. But these medications are not without side-effects. The same thing happens for prostate cancer treatment. Aside from medications, surgery and therapies are also available for treatment of this cancer. But surgery can be very complicated for most people who are already above 60. In cases like this, radiation therapy could be the next best option for treatment. This therapy aims to kill those prostate cells so it will stop it from growing.


It is difficult to really prevent prostate cancer since there is no accurate information about its cause. What we just have at our disposal is the awareness of the high risks of prostate cancer in different conditions and situations. So if there are traces of prostate or breast cancer in your family, it is recommended to have regular check-ups to ensure that you don’t have prostate cancer. Prevention of prostate cancer can start with regular check-ups and being aware of the changes in your body. Take notice of the symptoms that could be signs of cancer cells growing in you.

By Greggy Rick Go, published at 02/17/2012
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