Symptoms Suggesting Cancer
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Symptoms Suggesting Cancer

Published at 02/09/2012 03:22:07

Deadly cancer

Symptoms Suggesting Cancer

Cancer is a very fatal disease wherein symptoms are not easily diagnosed. A person with cancer slowly kills the positive cells and tissues that in the long run might kill your body. Person with a disease such cancer do not normally recognize the disease until the person is suggesting experiencing usually things inside his body, screened and being assessed, until they are in advanced stage.

Reaction of cancer deep inside

Symptoms Suggesting Cancer

There are different types of cancer and each type has its own symptoms. According to the doctor, it also varies on the person’s physical and psychological body and thinking respectively. The following may give you enough knowledge to know if you have the symptoms of having a cancer disease.


  • Persistent Fatigue is the most suggesting common experienced cancer symptoms. This is experienced when the cancer is in advanced stage or even in an early stage. Anemia is the common cause of this symptom, malignant and non-malignant conditions that physicians should be evaluated.
  • Suggesting unintentional weight loss is good for most people but, it is considered a red flag especially if it happens unintentionally. This may also occur even if with or without loss of appetite.
  • Pain is typical but not early symptoms of cancer, except types like those spread to the bones. This usually happens when the cancer starts to spread on the rest of the body and even affects other organs and nerves of the person.
  • Lower pack pain happens when associated with ovarian and colon cancer.
  • Stomach pains happen when a person has a stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer and other related cancer in the stomach. This symptom usually indistinctive because the pain could be due to ulcer or an illness caused by stomach like cramping of stomach.
  • Fever is very non-specific because this symptom usually happens from mild to severe condition such as cancer that affects the blood, leukemia and lymphoma, but also common to advanced stage cancer.
  • Bowel changes are commonly associated with colon cancer but can be experienced due to diarrhea, constipation and blood in the stool.
  • Chronic Cough that happens more often and do not go away, with blood and mucus, might be a symptoms of lung cancer.

Preventing the symptoms and continuous grow of Cancer

Symptoms Suggesting Cancer

When symptoms persist, suggesting you should not just consult your doctor. Enough support to your daily life style is needed and self discipline. Person with these symptoms should:


  • Suggesting to Obligated to eat green leafy vegetable and fibrous fruits.
  • Daily exercise.
  • Balance diet especially to fatty foods such as fried foods, pork and other grease cooking
  • Drink lots of fresh fruit juices
  • Total support to the cancer patient, love and understand is barely needed.

You and your family against Cancer

When a person have these symptoms, often or rare experiencing, should consult your doctor right away to give you the right medications, the right treatment and the support of the family members. Because according to psychologist when a person is happy and is positive in thinking to life, the person with cancer that undergoes a treatment may survive the cause of cancer. So, from the start of symptoms, try to stay happy and focused to survive the cancer in you.


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