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About the Orgin Of Using the Color Pink To Represent Breast Cancer


The pink breast cancer ribbon is often seen around breast cancer awareness month in October, but it is also proudly worn by many breast cancer survivors and advocates. The ribbon has come to symbolize the power of women banning together for a cure. So many women are suffering from this disease and the ribbon stands for the hope that one day a cure will be discovered so that no more lives have to be lost.

If you have a sister, mom, or friend who has suffered from the ravages breast cancer can cause, I am sure that you wear the pink breast cancer ribbon proudly. The color pink is now not just used on the cancer ribbons, but in shirts and clothing. Women and men all over the world are embracing the color pink to bring breast cancer awareness to the world. We must educate females and males on the importance of breast screenings for cancer prevention.

The first pink breast cancer ribbons were handed out in 1991 by the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The group was founded by her sister. Susan died three years after she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 36. Her sister had made a promise that she would do all she could to fight this disease and hope for a cure. so, the Susan G. Komen Foundation was founded. The color pink seemed to be a natural fit for the foundation just like the red ribbon was for AIDS awareness. Pink is a very feminine color and associated with the femininity of women.

A women's breasts are her most feminine asset and when a woman loses a breast, she can begin to lose her identity as a female. The pink breast cancer ribbon helps those women to embrace themselves and know that they are still every bit as much as a woman even after breast cancer and that they do have the power to fight this disease with fervor. The pink breast cancer ribbon is a reminder to all to check their breasts regularly and get medical care so that cancer can be found early and be treated.

The pink breast cancer ribbon is a very important reminder for women to take care of their bodies. It is important to check your breasts regularly and get regular mammograms. Prevention is the most important part of breast cancer awareness. The earlier that breast cancer is found, the easier it is to treat and the better the outcome. If you find any lumps, it is important to check with your doctor immediately. Don't let fear keep you from being checked. Breast cancer is very treatable if found early and even in the later stages. There is still hope for a cure so wear that pink breast cancer ribbon with pride to spread awareness. Tell all of your female loved ones to get themselves checked regularly and report any breast changes to your doctor immediately as it can save your life.

Tips and comments

  • Get checked regularly.
  • Report breast changes to your doctor.
  • Get your annual mammogram.
  • Wear your pink breast cancer ribbon with pride.
By David Scott, published at 03/06/2012
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About the Orgin Of Using the Color Pink To Represent Breast Cancer. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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