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The numbers of people getting the deadly cancer disease are increasing every year. In spite of the many awareness programs and activities by different groups about cancer, the rates of people having the disease is still not showing any signs of stopping. Even with this, the good thing about the whole thing is that the survival rates of cancers are slowly catching up and showing some increase.

Breast cancer is one of the cancer types that have become frequent among people. Most of the victims are women, and the past records show a lot of lives lost because of this cancer. Most of these women who died in the hands of breast cancer could have been saved if they were given more information about the disease. This is one of the reasons why breast cancer research is crucial to those who are involved with breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Research Importance

There are a lot of foundations, groups and associations that are actively pushing for the researches and studies about breast cancer to make sure that things will be better for everyone. These researches are geared towards the discovery of more effective treatments and possible cures.

Cancer research breast has been showing notable accounts of successes when it comes to the treatments. The advancement of technology and medicine has shown all those improvements in terms of survival rates not just with breast cancer but also with other types of cancer. But stopping the research because of the developments will be too futile since there are a lot of rooms for improvements.

Discoveries From Cancer Researches

Research is important because of the much information that can be discovered and proven to help address the issue being researched about. Cancer research breast has contributed to the many discoveries that can help prevent and treat this cancer.

The researches have shown people how some chemicals can cause or trigger cancers. Chemicals such as pesticides and some cosmetic ingredients are now believed to contribute to the occurrence of cancer.

The cancer research breast shows that harmful chemicals that are present in our cleaning products can be invitations to cancer. We may have been using these cleaning products to get rid of germs and bacteria in our homes but the exposure to these products could actually cause us more damage.

Even some of those cosmetic products are proven to have more toxic chemicals that can also do a lot of harm to the body and can also be reasons to have cancer. Cancer research breast indicated that sodium lauryl sulphate and sodium laureth sulphate are found in some cosmetic products which are very toxic. Other chemicals like Dimethicone and mineral oil or wax can also cause tumors in animals.

More Chances of Survival from Cancer

Research is important to gather the information that can help on how to deal with diseases such as cancer. So far, the findings from the researches have helped doctors and breast cancer patients to find more hope for cure. The survival rates can attest on how the treatments are working and how early detection has shown more chances of survival.

By Greggy Rick Go, published at 03/16/2012
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