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What Are the Symptoms Of Cervical Cancer


Cervical cancer is on the rise, and because it has very few symptoms, it is usually discovered in the advanced stages. Many of the cancer cervical symptoms are often over looked because they mimic many different pains that a female has. Some of the common problems or symptoms can include leg pain, back pain, pelvic pain and heavy vaginal bleeding. Since these can often be dismissed for normal pains most women do not give them a second thought. Having a yearly pelvic exam is very important to have so the doctor can make sure that everything is okay.


Some of the cancer cervical symptoms that are also present include vaginal bleeding not during your menstrual cycle but at other times during the month, contact bleeding and very rarely a vaginal mass. Another sign could be bleeding after having sexual intercourse. Another common symptom that women tend to overlook is pain during intercourse. Because these cancer cervical symptoms often mimic other issues, they are often not thought to not be a concern for alarm. If you have a vaginal infection, you could also have some of the same symptoms. Getting a yearly exam from your doctor is your best defense against cancer. Cervical cancer is treatable, but often the cancer presents so few symptoms that it is in the late stages and the outcome is not a good one. With the increase of cases each year of cervical cancer, doctors are now recommending that girls as young as 13-15 have their first pelvic exam whether they are sexually active or not.

It should be taught to young girls that cancer cervical symptoms can and often do mimic other things that can be wrong with you, but if they feel that something is wrong to tell their mother or a nurse. Woman should also teach their daughters about having many sexual partners, as this can lead to the human papilloma virus the greatest cause of cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is on the rise and has risen 70% globally, and we need to start stressing the risk factors.


Cervical cancer symptoms can often be ignored or blamed on other things. It is very important to not dismiss the symptoms if they last for two weeks or more. Not smoking can also help to protect you from getting cervical cancer. Teaching young girls how important it is to not be sexually active is also another step that we can do to keep girls from getting cervical cancer. There is now a shot for the human papilloma virus that is under scrutiny as not being safe. More studies have to be done first to see if it can help stop young sexually active girls from getting cervical cancer.

By Sally Vigil, published at 02/19/2012
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