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How To Hide Defects

Published at 06/29/2011 19:21:16

The walls of our homes are prone to heat, mositure and dust, this leads to formation of cracks and molds on them. Ugly walls could also be the result of structural problems, surface imperfections or due to pipes or wirings running on them. Fortunately, there are effective ways to hide these defects.

The best alternative for walls with impercfect surface is painting it with flat finish paint. The advantage of using a flat finish paint is it reflects less light as compared to the glossy paints. Before getting the wall painted try to fix as many imperfections as possible with joint compound. Move lights that shine on the wall surface and emphasize imperfections. To disguise stubborn wall areas consider stenciling.

Another great way of hiding an imperfect wall surface is heavy textured wallpaper. The thick tecture of wallpaper will effectively hide even the most prominient wall defects.

Also placing an Ottoman set or a leather chair against an imperfect wall to camouflage ugliness is not a bad idea at all.

For an easy and quick solution to the problem simply hang tapestries on the wall to disguise its ugliness. For walls with large imperfections consider hanging large painting or embroidered fabrics to cover the problem area. The embroidered fabric can be draped on a batten or road that lies close to the ceiling. Even grouping small pieces of painting together is a good idea. This will not only make the wall look neat but also make the rook look stylish.

A practical solution forwalls having fixtures  like pipes and wires is, fixing a decorative screen or a wall divider in front of the offending wall. This will not only provide extra space for storage but also allow easy access to the wires and pipes whenever required.

Large furniture pieces like shelving units, tall bookcases, entertainment centers also can be used to hide the problematic wall effectively. Apart from hiding the defects on the wall, a place created to showcase collectibiles and books will add interest to the room.

Tips and comments:

Hiding defects is an art by itself which requires creative thinking. Those having problematic walls in their home let your rusty minds roll. You never know what innovative ideas you can come up with. An unsightly wall that is covered up conveniently with creativity at little cost will keep you happy.

Enforce ideas depending on where the imperfection lies. For flaws that are at a lower level of the wall, placing a sofa set, a dining table or a small unit against the wall will serve the purpose. But for defects that are extensive and at a height, paintings, large, furniture, decorative screens, embroidered fabrics will be suitable.


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