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How To Hide Deffects On Face

Published at 07/18/2011 19:19:00

There will be a variety of minor problems on each person's face, acne, spots, dark circles, bags under the eyes and so on. Summarize the New Prime free british blogs of Kylie Minogue When making up, we always want to curtain them, but sometimes they are not covered no matter how you try. Whether we use the wrong method or not?

Concealing the dark circle around your eyes: 

1. coat another layer of the foundation after the whole covering of your face with the foundation alone the lines down your eyes, and compress your skin there with gentle force so as to place the foundation evenly.  

2. Look upwards and use sponge which has pressed powder on it to pat your dark sockets softly. This functions as settling the whole make-up down.What is Hot Now? Surly dmozu web directory !

Cover up the spots or pocks: 

1. After putting the liquid foundation on the whole face, dip moderate amount of the liquid foundation by the abdominal region of the finger and press it on the spot or the pock evenly. Pay attention not to spread the concealer powder, or else you won`t get the concealing effect.

2 Picks up the amount of paint powder with brush and press them on acne or spots , with the sponge to tap the black eye in order to play the results of holding. 

Cover the thick pores: 

1. besmear bottom cream before makeup effect in T area of pore to restrain the glossy of pore, and reach the effect of shrinking pores on the vision.

2. Smear a thin layer of the liquid foundation evenly, and then finish the make-up by pressed powder.

Of course, we have to choose proper liquid foundation. Professional beauticians suggested that you could consider the following aspects while choosing liquid foundation.

A. Choose the pressed powder by your skin color. The color of pressed powder should be as similar as possible to the skin color. If your skin color is reddish, you should use foundation in light reddish, while if your skin color is yellowish, you should use the foundation in yellowish. 

B. Choose the pressed powder by the skin quality: People with dry skin or mature skin should choose the liquid foundation with high moistening effect. While people with oil skin should choose liquid foundation or amphibious compact foundation with slim texture and little oil.

C. Choosing according to the occasion, you can choose fresher foundation during the day, while use foundation with stronger decoration and persistence.


If there is no color to fit you wholly, you can blend foundation liquid of different colors to make the color you need.


Tips and comments:

Quick Tips on Hiding Facial Defects

1. To provide lightness to a dull complexion, you can use a base with pink pigments, focusing more on the cheeks and forehead. Then use a foundation in a shade similar to your skin or some pigmented moisturizer.

2. If your skin is irritated or sensitive, you can hide this problem by using a lightener in the center of the face because the redness tends to focus on the nose and cheeks. Use a makeup sponge to blur the contours of the area in which you used the highlighter.

3. If your skin is pale, but your body has a brown shade, that may look like a tanned body, you need to make sure that you can maintain some kind of balance! Apply self-tanning lotion on the face and neck, or use a tanning powder for immediate effect!

4. If you want to add value to your facial skin and freckles, forget about using foundation, even for one day. Use, instead, a correction for the dark rings around your eyes and around the nose – or whatever you think is needed. Cover with a layer of very fine mineral powder for a studied final aspect.


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