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Eye Infection And Diseases

Published at 01/19/2012 13:48:06


The diseases eye problem affects the daily activity of the patient. In order to maintain the eye healthy, and to prevent the diseases eye problems, only a small effort is required, although not all the eye problems could be prevented, there is a number of measurements that will lead to a slower spreading process of the disease. It is important to consider the eating habits, and to follow the next principles: protect the eyes of the sun, attend the periodical medical checking, and wear protection glasses if you work at the computer for a long time.


There is a large number of diseases eye, such as blurry image, blind spots or other problems. Blurry eyes represent losing the clarity of seeing, and the incapacity to observe small details. The blind spots are black holes in the visual field, conducting to partial limitation of it, whether the patient realizes the problem or not.

If you have diseases eye problems, you must consult the doctor immediately. Those symptoms could be specific to some eye disease, eye lesions or the consequences of some affection such as diabetes, affecting a large number of organs at the same time.


No matter what the cause is, the eye problems must not be ignored, as they will surely affect the quality of life.

The common infections of the eyes are:

The prezobiopia – the difficulty to focus on objects placed at a near distance because of a decreased flexibility of the covering tissue of the eye. The affection is specific for people that are more than 40 years old.

Cataract – it implies blurry eyes, difficulties in adapting the vision to night watch, and a strong sensitivity to light. The causes might be the age, diabetes, glaucoma, or a long period of steroids being administrated. The eye will be affected and this is why sometimes treatment and surgical interventions are required to solve the diseases eye problems.

Tips and comments

Glaucoma – it is caused by lesions of the optical nerve. Often, the eye tension is increased, and the blind spots appear, followed by lateral blinding.

The diabetic retinopathy – a complication of diabetes that could even lead to blood leaks at the level of the retina. This is a major cause for blindness, so you should treat it with maximum care.

The degeneration of the eye appears when the person is exposed to a large number of affecting factors for a long time, such as alcohol and smoking, and it is manifested with an increased difficulty to read.

The eyes infections appear because of lesions at the level of the eye, and they might be really harmful, especially if they are associated with other diseases.

Even the simple headache could provoke problems for the eye, provoking tiredness and other problems.

Some medicines could provoke the diseases eye problems, such as the antihistaminic, some types of medicines used to treat hyper arterial tension, and other factors. It is important to know the jobs associated with diseases for the eye, so you would determine which the best doctor is suited for your needs.


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