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What Are The Causes Of Gum Diseases

Published at 07/14/2011 11:52:59

What causes diseases are usually bacterial, viral or several other kinds of infections. When talking particularly about gum diseases, the major cause is bacteria. These bacteria, which are abundant in the mouth, together with other materials can form into plaque--a sticky and colorless layer--on the teeth. Then, when it is not eradicated, it hardens and forms into tartar that can only be removed by professional cleaning.

If plaque and tartar remain untreated after a while, it becomes gingivitis. It will cause an inflammation of the gums which makes it appear red and swollen and triggers bleeding easily especially while brushing the teeth. Furthermore, when gingivitis becomes worse, it develops into periodontitis, which can instigate the loss of teeth due to the damage of bones that anchor them.

Apart from these, there are other risk factors that can set off the progression of gum diseases. One of them is smoking. Cigarette smoking or tobacco usage is not only bad for the lungs but also harmful for the gums and teeth. It facilitates in proliferating the progress of periodontitis and in decreasing the chances of gum healing.

Some people also have more propensities to suffer from this type of disease due to hereditary reason. Thus, even if they take good care of their teeth well, they are still more at risk from developing gum problems compared to those who have no family history of such occurrence. Therefore, it is beneficial for those who are aware of this fact early on since it provides them more chances of receiving interventions in advance.

Hormonal changes that are experienced by women can also affect the sensitivity and vulnerability of the gums. For instance, when a woman is having menstruation, undergoing menopause, or going through pregnancy, her hormonal fluctuations can have an effect on the tissues of her body, including her gums, which makes her more prone to gum infections.

Stress and other illnesses like AIDS play a big role in this problem as well. When the immune system of the body is weak, it is more likely to result in infections of the gum. Sometimes stress can trigger grinding of the teeth or clenching of jaws while sleeping or while doing something stressful. When this happens, the supporting tissue of the teeth will not be able to handle the intense pressure and will then cause the damage to advance rapidly. Those who have diabetes also have more odds of having such infections and turning it to a more severe form.

The medications prescribed and sold over the counter, which are taken in the body, can also have a great influence on the oral health. Some of these drugs can diminish the flow of saliva in the mouth. As a result, it lowers the protection of the mouth and leaves it more exposed to infections.

Obviously, nutrition has a great impact on the overall health of the mouth. Proper nutrition that includes a balanced diet is the key to having healthy gums and teeth. If someone with an existing gum disease has a poor diet, it can only make the condition worse. The body needs all the essential nutrients to drive away what causes diseases.

Tips and comments:

In order to prevent having a serious problem with health, particularly with gum diseases, it is valuable to understand what causes these diseases. Then, after knowing the risk factors, it is recommended to take good care of the body by observing proper hygiene and eating healthy food regularly. Visiting a doctor or dentist for a routine check-up is also suggested.


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